Fundraiser – Stone Creek Coffee

Buy some of Milwaukee’s own Stone Creek Coffee and benefit CCFA! Stone Creek Coffee is roasted right here in Milwaukee, using socially responsible coffee initiatives. I am selling this coffee to raise money to fund research to find a cure for and increase awareness of Crohn’s and Colitis. Learn more or donate directly to the cause here.

Losing It/Team Challenge Blend:
A well-crafted combination of strength, balance and dark-roasted flavor, made up of 40% Brazil, 40% French Roast and 20% Organic Ethiopian to create a great tasting cup!

French Roast:
A rich, dark cup of coffee with a noticeable undercurrent of bittersweet cocoa and a pleasantly smooth, velvety finish.

Cream City Blend (regular or decaf):
The Cream City Blend is consistently hand-roasted in the Stone Creek Factory in downtown Milwaukee. This coffee is a friendly combination of their highest-quality Guatemalan, an extremely smooth and chocolaty Ethiopian Harrar, and the French Roast. Cream City Blend is a rich, full, mellow coffee that’s as easy-going as the city for which it is named.

Organic Fair Trade Blend:
With its vibrantly fruity flavor and a mild, nutty freshness, the Fair Trade Blend is a coffee that truly unites a good flavor and a good cause. The Sumatran coffee in this blend is an
organically grown coffee at family farms in the Gayo Mountain region of northern Sumatra. Stone Creek carefully blends it with organically-produced coffee from the growers of Peru to create a smooth, well-balanced cup of coffee with a bright, fruity finish. Both coffees in this blend are Certified Fair Trade, meaning that each dollar we spend goes to provide the individual farmers with an equitable living wage.

This smooth, well-balanced coffee has the perfect touch of hazelnuts, just enough to let you realize they’re there but not enough to overpower the carefully roasted beans. With each sip you’ll be tantalized by the rich taste and aroma of hazelnuts that have been finely toasted.

Hot Chocolate ($7/ea):
The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company is producing world class chocolate entirely in Ghana cocoa beans, known as “the finest cocoa in the world.” Through Omanhene’s creative joint ventures with Ghana, the sale of Omanhene chocolate results in higher revenues and higher wages for cocoa farmers.

Amy’s Losing It/Team Challenge Blend

French Roast

Cream City Blend

Fair Trade

Hot Chocolate

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