Warrior Dash

Today I did the Warrior Dash with my friend Ashley S. This race totally crept up on me over the past couple of weeks (I just started a new job Tuesday). The race was AWESOME. I got there in time to see my brother and his friends finish the race, which I was super excited about. Of course, I did not give him a congratulatory hug because I wasn’t ready to be cold and muddy.

My brother (third from the right) and his friends

Ash and I agreed that we would stick together no matter what (ok, it was more her agreeing not to leave me in her dust as I am SLOW)… We didn’t care about time – just wanted to have fun and of course, #dontdie.

Me & Ash, pre-race

The race started with a pretty long stretch without obstacles. That’s right, break us in easy.

First obstacle was a wooden structure shaped sort of like a rounded triangle ladder. We had to climb up and over it. Wasn’t too difficult, but got slippery since it was day 2 of the dash and it was raining… so lots of mud.

Second obstacle was called rubber ricochet and basically you just ran through tires. I totally was pushing them out of the way, so sorry, dude behind me. I’m pretty sure you got wailed in the face.

Next up was the giant cliffhanger. It was an angled wall we climbed up with the assistance of a rope. Easy peasy. I think this one had a ladder climb down.

Then we were on to the chaotic crossover – basically a horizontal rope cargo net. BAM.

Then came the great warrior wall. This was hard. It was a straight wall you had to climb, with a rope. There were some small ledges and I just couldn’t get up and over. After about 4 or 5 failed attempts I said “fuck it” and ran around and on to the next obstacle. My upper body strength just isn’t there.

Next up was roaring waters. We had to jump into a muddy water pit, then climb up a ladder-type thing while water was being dumped on us. At the top you had a good 8 foot drop. I prayed for the best and went for it.

Of course, we had to crawl under barbed wire and netting…

And then came one of my favorite obstacles of the day – it was sort of like a rock climbing wall. At the top, you saw the only way down was on a fireman’s pole (#notaeuphemism). The thing was, it was a good 2-3 feet from the ledge. So, you either had to balance on a small support beam or just jump for it. It was teh awesome. I totally fell on my ass at the bottom.

The next obstacle was the cargo net. Up and over, not too difficult. Just had to be careful not to get caught up in it.

Then we came to the deadman’s drop. Again, it was sort of a ladder thing you had to climb, and then another 8 foot drop.

Then we were almost there – we leapt through fire (bad.ass) and then jumped into the mud pit and crawled/swam under barbed wire through the mud – then ran to the finish.

This is right after a fireman shot me in the face with his hose. #notaeuphemism

*note: I probably have the order of these obstacles all mixed up. SHUT UP.

Overall, I’m very happy with how things went. Of course, I’m sad that I didn’t get to complete the one obstacle, but it would have taken me forever and probably would have ended in tears, so oh well. I’m very happy with my time. Considering my 5k PR is 47:05 and there were 10 obstacles (many of which we had to wait to do), I think I kicked some ass. Thanks, Ashley S. for being brave enough to join me for this crazy race!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Oh, and PS – Farewell Asics 3020s. You done me proud. Now you’re in the recycled shoe pile. God bless.