The one with the flat tire

Oh! Look at me! I'm soooo cute! I got new under armour gear! Wheeeee!

Today, my trainer told me to do 30-40 minutes of easy cardio: walk, eliptical, biking. I got to choose. Of course, I chose biking!

I put on my brand new workout gear – soooooo cute! Even the band of the bottoms match the color of the top!

Cool gloves? Check

Cool sunglasses? Check

Red helmet? Checkity check

I head out to the garage, lube up my chain (get yer mind out of the gutter) and head out for a 6-8 mile easy ride.

As I’m nearing the 1 mile mark, I get frustrated. Why is it sooooo hard to pedal? I have it on an easy gear, the road is relatively flat. What the heck?

I attempt to cross the busy intersection of 76th and Lincoln and wonder if I’ve completely lost any semblance of fitness.

Then I look.

My back tire was flat as a pancake.

Sad panda.

So then I got to walk my bike back home.

At least I looked fucking cute doing that, even if I did look absolutely ridiculous walking my bike for a mile.