This is kind of a big deal

Today I decided to unsubscribe from an e-mail list… and not just any ol’ list. A list for a plus-size clothing store. I haven’t bought clothes there in awhile and hopefully I won’t have a need to shop there any time soon.

Farewell, Torrid!

Hello, waist! It’s been awhile

I stopped at Kohl’s yesterday because I wanted to treat myself to some new workout clothes. I got some great deals – the two trek tanks you see above, plus the pants and a sports bra – for less than $60 total. And, when I was trying things on I saw something I haven’t seen in years… my waist. I’m getting my girlish figure back! EEEEK!!!

And yes, those are TIGHT WORKOUT PANTS. They’re basically capri running tights, but they’re slimming in a SPANX sort of way.

Yesterday was a good day.

Coming up later: Weigh In Wednesday!!!