How do you decide?

I would sign up for every single race I want to do if I could. Unfortunately, I’m not made of money (but how COOL would that be?), so I have to be picky about the races I register for.

I’m hesitant to throw down the money for a few reasons:

  • What if I get hurt? I had to drop out of three or four races last year because of injury.
  • What if I decide I’m not ready?
  • What if I just wasted all that money for a shitty shirt and samples of Gu, Biofreeze and the $500 Redstar suspiciously-scammy gift card?

So you see my dilemma. I’m trying not to sign up for races because my friends are doing them, but of course, having friends doing the same race certainly helps the decision along.

What I have done, is start a list of races I’m not doing:

  • Dirty Girl – I want to do this race soooo bad, but I have a wedding that day and there’s no way I can clean up from a mud run in time to look fabulous for my friend’s wedding. Sorry, Dirty Girl.
  • Tough Mudder – There was a time this year I wanted to do this race. Then they released descriptions of some of the race obstacles. And then I shit my pants. The end.
  • Great Milwaukee Race – this was easy to decline – I’m helping PLAN it!
  • South Shore Rock N Ride Duathlon – Day after Ragnar. I plan to sleep. All day.
  • Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole Half Marathon – As badly as I want to run over the Hoan Bridge, this race, in my opinion, is not well organized. It seems like a complete clusterfsk. First the start time was at 10 a.m. In July. In Wisconsin. Then they moved it to 8 a.m. (still not early enough, IMO). They didn’t know for a good couple of months if there’d be medals (I emailed). I could go on and on about my concerns, but I don’t need to take up more space on this. I think the race is a fabulous idea, I’m just worried about the execution.
  • Warrior Dash – Would like to do this, but it’s the same day as Krista’s 50miler. And I’m on her crew. Like.A.Boss.

And here’s a list of races I’m considering:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Tune Up 5k – first of all, you probably know by now that I’m all about the bling. I will NOT do a half marathon unless there’s a medal. Yes, I’m that girl. This 5k gives you a medal! And it’s pretty cool, too. Only problem is, my friend I always stay with in Chicago is out of town that weekend. Getting a hotel for the night to do a 5k seems like overkill.
  • Dances with Dirt – My friends Annie, Rochelle, Tracey, Krista and Marty are all doing the marathon. I’m not that insane. I’m thinking about the 10k, as I’ve never done a trail race and I don’t want to die. Also, it will take me the same amount of time to do the 10k as it will probably take them to do the marathon. LOL.
  • Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – I wanted to do this race last year. But I decided just to go and cheer for my friends Patrick, Lindsey, Steve, Kelly and Emily. This turned out to be a good decision, as I was in no place to do a half marathon (see injuries above). So, I REALLY want to do this race… Patrick and Lindsey are coming in from DC for the race and I think Steve’s doing it again too. Emily is on the fence. Oh, and did I mention Bret Michaels is the post-race party entertainment? Yeah. That. But, race registration is a hefty$110. Oi vey.
  • Kettleman Duathlon – I’ve been wanting to try a duathlon for awhile.  A September race would give me time to build up my bike mileage and do some run-bike-run training.
  • Dousman Duathlon – Also in September, I’m trying to decide between this and the Kettleman race. I’m leaning toward Kettleman because (as mentioned before) my friend Krista is running a 50miler on the 17th and I’m on her race day crew. It will be a long day and wouldn’t provide the rest I need the day before a race.

This list of possibilities takes me through September. Depending on how training is going, I may try an October or November race, but we shall see. Of course, I have Vegas in December. 😉

How do you choose your races? Wait and see if your friends are doing it? Blindly pull the trigger on every race you can do? Wait until the day before the price increases?

Half Marathon: Looking for some guidance

Back when I said I was planning to do three half marathons this year, I hadn’t realized that #2 on my list was exactly 2 weeks after my first half marathon ever. For some reason, I thought there were 3-4 weeks between those dates.

So last week, I made the tough decision NOT to do the half marathon in Chicago with my friends.

But now, I’m not so sure.

I’m really struggling with this decision for a number of reasons:

  • If I did it, I would be a total badass
  • Will I be ready for a second half marathon in 2 weeks?
  • I know a BUNCH of people doing the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I wanna do it too.
  • While I’ve promised to be there to cheer, honestly, I will be sad if all I do is cheer. I want to race.
  • If I complete Chicago AND Vegas, I will get a HEAVY MEDAL from the Rock N Roll organization (See right). The Musical 26.2 miles medal is awarded to people who complete 2 half marathons in a calendar year. I’m not gonna lie. I want this medal. I want this medal REAL bad.
  • I could potentially affect my training for Vegas by jumping into another Half Marathon so soon.
  • Just because I probably COULD do it, SHOULD I do it?

I am seriously struggling with this people. Please share your pros/cons with me. I need to make the decision soon, because space is running out.

Race Report: Blarney 5k Run/Walk, a PR

(The FitMilwaukee gang-notice the beers we’re not-so-slyly hiding. Photo by Anne Munkwitz)

Saturday was my first official “race” – the 19th Annual Blarney 5k run/walk in Wauwatosa. I was a little disappointed that the walkers didn’t get race bibs. I was really looking forward to getting my first race number! Oh well, next time I hope!

The walk portion of this race was 2 miles… but I logged a total of 4.5 miles yesterday because of how far I parked from the start/finish line. I mapped it out and it was about .6 mi away. I had the pleasure of walking that route twice (once to take my race packet/shirt back to the car).

While most of the people were running this one, Kay and Anne joined me for the walk portion. Anne, Kay and I kept a pretty good pace (I’m guessing approx. 16-16:30 min miles) but “officially” my race time was close to 55 minutes. Why? Well we kept stopping to take pictures of our running friends, we stopped to talk with Mike and Marty who just ran about 18 miles each, and then when we neared the finish line, Kay grabbed a twelve-pack of beer from the car.

We met up with the other FitMilwaukee peeps and stood around drinking beer, taking pictures, etc. As we were walking back to the clubhouse someone said, “Hey, did you guys ever cross the finish line officially?” We hadn’t. So my official time today was 2 miles in 55 min, including lots of stops, photos and a can of beer. There’s nothing quite like crossing the finish line with a beer in hand. 🙂

I rock.

I know you’re all jealous of my PR.

This, my friends is how you race:

(Me, Lindsey, Sarah, Cheryl & Kay. Photo by Anne Munkwitz)

Someday, I’m gonna be hot enough to wear running tights like Sarah.

Action shot. We’re taking this seriously, can you tell? Photo by Anne Munkwitz