Race Recap: Wisconsin Half Marathon

NOTE: I started writing this two days after the race but finally was able to finish writing it this week. Sue me.

Saturday morning, I completed my second half marathon with an official chip time of 3:33:45, an improvement of 15:54 overall or 1:18 per mile. Basically, I improved my time/pace by 14.4%! That’s pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Now, granted, with a previous half marathon time of 3:49:39, there is much room for improvement, but I look forward to many more PR’s in my future!

Now that we have some of the technical stuff out of the way, let’s get to the report.

Friday night, I met up with some of my running besties, Annie, Rochelle, Krista and Tracey. We went down to Kenosha, stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express, ate lots of cookies and candy and had a good ol’ fashioned sleepover. Never mind we’re between the ages of 28-33. We can still be kids whenever we want.

We got all our gear ready for the race, pinning ribbons with names of friends/loved ones to our gear.

LEFT: Orange ribbons for my Aunt Janice, Uncle Will and Grandma Kant. RIGHT: Pink ribbon for my friend and coworker, Anne, who is battling breast cancer.

Because I was unable to do the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon with the rest of my Team Challenge friends, this race was my “replacement” in honor of my loved ones who’ve battled (and are battling) Crohn’s and Colitis. So of course, I ran in honor of them on Saturday, hence the orange ribbons on my water bottle. I also ran in honor of my coworker, Anne, who is one kickass woman. She is fighting breast cancer, raising 3 precious kids and still coming in to work as she is able between treatments. Her humor and determination to kick this disease in the balls are nothing short of inspiring. The station I work for sponsored the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k Walk along the lakefront Saturday morning, and since I was not able to join my colleagues, I ran three of my 13.1 miles in honor of Anne and all the women fighting breast cancer.

Some of my Real Milwaukee coworkers, including Anne (right). If she isn't a BAMF, I don't know what is.

Ok, now that we’ve gotten all sappy, let’s get back to talking about me.

Even though I’ve been through this before, I was physically ill about this race. I put so much pressure on myself and was nauseous all morning (and actually, for the week leading up to the race).

Here’s my view before the race started. There were only signs up to a 12 minute pace group, so I lined up behind them. And laughed because there was no way in hell I was going to run a 12 minute pace.

Jodi, Rachel & Me

The night before the race I was dead-set on running the race alone, but it was nice to see some familiar faces (Jodi and Rachel) while waiting for the race to start. Just in case they wanted me to run with them, I warned before the gun went off that I was going to walk the first mile or so and then start my run/walking and that there was nothing against them, I just had a plan and I was sticking with it. We saw Karla shortly after starting the race and all walked together for the first 10-15 min. Then I told the girls I was gonna start my intervals and Jodi joined me.

Lake Michigan - about mile 2 or so

Jodi is faster than me so I remember repeatedly telling her she didn’t have to slow down – that she could take off whenever she wanted to and I wouldn’t be upset. But she said she didn’t mind because she didn’t really train the way she wanted to and said it would be better for her to stay with someone who had a plan (run 5min, walk 3). She said it would also keep her from going too fast at the start.

It only took a couple of miles for the field to really start to thin out. This is most evident to slow runners like myself. You don’t really have to fight for a spot on the road when you’re at the back of the pack.

Me, smiling at mile 3-ish.

Jodi and I began giving other runners nicknames. Don’t judge. I know you ALL do it too. There’s the weird breather, tutu girl, crazy hat lady, guy in jeans, etc. Well we had Shuffleupagus (the guy who was constantly shuffling his feet – for 7+ miles. The sound became worse than nails on a chalkboard. I wanted to punch him). There was cane lady, who we were dead set on passing early on (C’mon. Who wants to get beaten by a lady with a cane?). There was also das boot – the lady running with a stress fracture boot. INSANITY.

It was great to see familiar faces out on the course – Marty, Kelly, Laura, John, Marge, Becky, Courtney, Lisa and of course my parents! It was also pretty cool to see friends running back to the finish (much of the course was an out-and-back so you saw runners headed the other direction). I high-fived Matt, Tracey, Krista, Annie and Rochelle.  I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention someone, so please forgive me if I forgot to post your name).

Looking back, the middle of the race is a bit of a blur. I remember it getting overcast and a bit cooler. I remember drinking some gatorade that had obviously not been mixed properly (hello syrupy electrolytes) and playing leap frog with the same groups of people the entire race, thinking “My God, when are we going to hit a turnaround point?”

At some point, I told Jodi I was turning up my music to drown out shuffleupagus and to focus on my intervals. Seriously, this man made my blood boil. We took advantage of downhills to burst ahead.

We got to the turnaround point at Carthage College a few minutes before they started taking down the course and moving the runners/walkers to the sidewalks. I knew this was going to happen, but it was a little startling nonetheless. (Race directors said participants would be moved to sidewalks if they were slower than a 15 min pace).

Shortly after the turnaround point, I saw my parents in the distance. I’ll be honest. I kind of started crying when I saw them. I stopped and gave them each a huge hug.


Oh hi mom and dad – I seeeee you! If you look carefully, you can see shuffleupagus in the back. He’s wearing a blue shirt and black sweatpants.

Hiiiii mom! Hiiii dad! oh, and hiiiiii gullet!

The pictures above were taken around mile 8 or 9 I think. It was the right time in the race to get a little pick me up from my parents (also, the course didn’t have any spectators at this point).

I remember my dad trying to run ahead to get more pictures. I know I yelled at him, “Hey dad! I’m running a half marathon and you’re making me look bad! Stop it.” He replied, “I need to get a picture!”

Giggles. I love my dad.

Jodi and I trudged on. I started to fade (read: slow down) and we parted ways around mile 10.5. I never lost sight of Jodi but just couldn’t move my legs any faster than they were going.

As I ran into downtown Kenosha I saw my parents again!

Note the other participants and I maneuvering around pedestrians.

Me: Dad, stop. I look like shit. It's mile 11.

Just as I passed the mile 11 marker, I saw someone taking down the mile markers, cones, etc. By this point we were running/walking on the sidewalks of downtown Kenosha – me trying to get around people “Hello! I’m running a race here people!” Again, I expected us to get moved to the sidewalk. I didn’t expect the mile markers/guides to be taken away. Luckily, this didn’t affect me and to be honest with you, I was so focused on finishing I didn’t think about it.

The last 1.5-2 miles of this race are such a tease. You see the finish line but have to head south almost a mile before you can turn around and head to the finish… So you have to run past all the people who are almost done – who have those looks like “yes! almost there!” when you’re hitting the wall. It’s pretty NOT awesome.

I got to the final little turnaround and it started to hit me – I was almost done with my second half marathon. I could crawl the last mile and I’d still beat my previous time. I had this in the bag. Of course, that didn’t keep me from ignoring the pain, it just helped me to keep my mind off it.

With less than a quarter mile to go, I remember a marathoner whizzing past me as a spectator yelled at me, “Looking good! You got this!” I was clearly struggling and the marathon douchebag replied, “Oh please, this is easy.” I’m pretty sure that if someone was videotaping me at this point they would have seen my jaw hit the pavement. For one, she wasn’t talking to you. She was looking at me, the fat girl, clearly struggling through the last quarter mile of the race. Secondly, you’re an a-hole. Shut up. Even the woman was shocked by his douchebaggery.

As I approached the finish line and the final tenth of a mile, emotions overcame me. I saw my mom at the corner, cheering and waving. I started blowing kisses and I heard a group of people erupt ahead. It was my besties! One of the benefits of being a slow runner is that every single one of your friends has crossed the finish line waaaay before you. So they’re obligated to stand there and wait for you to finish. It’s a rule.


high-fiving my besties! Note: Shuffleupagus beat me to the finish. Bastard with shuffling feet.
Throw your hands up!
Oh.Mah.Gawd. I’m done.
Oh wait! Garmin! Stop! Garmin!
Cue the tears
Yay! Cheese medal! And a banana! Note: I loathe bananas.

So there you have it. My race recap. Like a million years late. 😉

Splits: 16:16, 15:19, 16:10, 16:10, 15:16, 15:46, 15:51, 16:37, 16:26, 16:28, 16:46, 17:51, 16:51, 13:17 (pace for .15)

Favorite Race Photo

I actually purchased a race photo! This is at the end of my half marathon a couple of weeks ago (yes, race recap still in draft mode)… I’m at the last tenth of a mile or so and I see my mom. I’m blowing kisses to her and to my besties who are just beyond her. I’m gonna frame this picture, I <3 it so.

The Great Milwaukee Race

Last year I joined three friends in running The Great Milwaukee Race, an urban scavenger hunt across the city. This year, with my bigger role with FitMKE, I’m helping plan the race! In fact, I just designed the race website. Check it out!

So, what’s The Great Milwaukee Race? It’s an adventure for everyone. Teams of 2-4 people will get clues to seek locations throughout the city. They will travel on foot and perform fun tasks at each location then move on to the next. This is a team race that is part foot race, part trivia and part challenges. Teams of 2-4 players must solve clues to find checkpoints throughout the downtown area. Once the checkpoints are reached, the teams must complete the challenge before moving on. Each team must determine their own route to the checkpoints. Depending on the route chosen, the total course mileage should be 6-8 miles.

Registration opens March 1st at 9 a.m., so get your team together today!

Race Recap: FitMKE Indoor Marathon Relay

Miles: 4.3 Time: 57:22 Pace: 13:20

You guysssss. Look at my pace! I have never, ever had that kind of pace for anything longer than a mile. I’m still smiling BIG about this! First of all, I had the best team evar. Agustin J S. Emily K.(my sis) & Jessica G. = FitMKE: Fartleks. We had awesome white sweatbands with our team name on them (which actually made it easier to spot each other on the track). For those of you not familiar, the Indoor Marathon Relay consisted of 104 teams of 3-4 people each who combined had to run 26.2 miles around a track at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wis. Each lap was .275 miles and teams could decide how to split the laps. Our philosophy was “run til you don’t want to/can’t run any more” and then we’d switch runners.

Going into the race, I was nervous. I just started running again at the end of December and I’ve been doing a run/walk interval in training because I am recovering from some injuries and trying to build up my stamina again – stupid asthma. I felt good but wanted to be smart and only did about 4.25 laps the first leg… then I did 8… followed by 3. Thanks to my awesome teammates for picking up some extra mileage as my foot/lungs couldn’t have accomplished much more than what I did. It’s cold at the Pettit (duh, ice rinks) and my lungs were burning. Major thanks to Katy who on two occasions slowed down her pace to run with me. She pushed me to run 3.5 laps without stopping to walk. That’s the farthest I’ve run without walking since the summer!!! (again, thanks injuries).

It was such a great experience and I’m so lucky to have been there with all my running and #fitmke and Team Challenge friends. Today I felt so blessed and lucky to have you all in my life. You cheered for me, pushed me, slapped my ass while running past (thanks Krista), and kept me motivated to kick ass. I want to tag you all but I know I’ll leave someone out, so just know you all rocked my world today. Before we started the race, I estimated our team would finish in about 5 hours. Our official time was 5:04:45, for a team pace of 11:39.

Oh, and to the 12 year old girl who passed me on one of my laps, I apologize for saying “f*ck you” and flipping you off with both hands. I’m pretty sure you didn’t hear me but, you know, just in case you did, my apologies.

Splits: 16:02 (1.16mi) 29:06 (2.2mi) 12:14 (.825mi)

Make your own 5k adventure (and PR)

As you may know, The Run into the New Year 5k was supposed to be “Amy’s triumphant return to running.” Earlier this week, I feared it would be “Amy’s not-so-triumphant return to running.” In the end, it became “Amy’s really effed up return to running.”

My wonderful sister Emily K. said she would run this 5k with me, even though I told her she was free to go at her own pace and just find me at the end. She said she wanted to do this with me and that it didn’t matter how long it took, she’d be there with me the whole time. Yeah, I know. *tear*

Em & Me, pre race

We started off near the back of the pack and, well, we stayed there (hello, slow running FTW). My goal was to do intervals, but listen to my foot and lungs to determine how those intervals would be. We ran the first quarter mile in less than 3 min, which was pretty fast for me, especially for the start of a race where I didn’t know how my body would handle it. We did some running, then some walking, then some running… passed the 1 mi marker at just over 14 min, which is a great time for me – normally my run/walk pace is in the 16-17 range. My lungs were burning, my foot was starting to act up but Em kept pushing me on and encouraging me along the way.

My sister, looking too beautiful to be running. WTF

We turned the corner after going around the race track and were headed down the hill toward the start/finish line… and got very confused. The race was a 10k and a 5k and they had the first loop of the course going past the start/finish point around mile 1.2. The fast 10k-ers were coming around at this point and all the course marshalls seemed more focused on directing them than helping us. We asked someone at the water table where we were supposed to go and they blew us off.

No, YOU look crazy when you run.

It sucked because the people who were only running were far enough ahead we couldn’t see them and the walkers were far enough behind we didn’t want to wait for them to find out where to go so we just continued on south just like we did at the start of the race. We started to get worried that we missed a turn or something and I looked over and saw runners about a block away. So we cut across the street to figure out where in the hell we were. Realized we were about a third of a mile from the finish so we looped back with some other runners. Knowing full well that if we finished with this crowd, our time would be a sub-30 (more like a sub-25), we did the same quarter mile loop three times, cutting across the group of runners like a couple of fools. We saw some friends pass us who gave us looks like “how in the HELL did you pass me”… we laughed and said we’d explain later, as we took another walking break.

We got so confused it was laughable. Eventually we started to goof off and take silly pictures. We knew we would be close to the 5k mark, depending on what the last leg of the race was so after the 3rd li’l loop we headed to the finish. As we rounded the corner for the final straightaway, we made sure we were running so everyone would think we had ran the whole time (duh, we’re so smart)… and came down to the finish with a flurry. I heard some friends cheer and I’m sure they couldn’t figure out how we finished in 40 min. After we got the timing chips off our feet my friend Rochelle came and hugged us and congratulated us on an awesome time. I couldn’t stop laughing and shoved my garmin in her face… I said, “look look at the distance!” “2.62 mi? what happened?” And so we had this fun story to share with everyone as we found them post race. It was a Make-your-own 5k… complete with a choose-your-adventure option.

yay! we did it!

Afterwards we had beer and caught up with some friends.

Then we headed over to Paulie’s on Greenfield with a few people for post-race libations… Em and I had the nachos and quesadillas… and a lot of beer.

Photo: Kay

Then, we went home and decided we had to fit in the rest of the 5k we missed earlier… so we ran on a full stomach of beer and nachos a quarter mile from home and back. We had to stop to walk so many times because we thought we were gonna puke… but we did it, even sprinting the last .1 like we were sprinting to the finish line. Then I really almost puked.

Good times, great people. Happy freaking new year.

Splits: 14:10, 16:47*, 14:49 (.62), 14:32 (.48)

*this is where all the race confusion was, as evidenced by the time

Oh and PS: This was a PR for me, even with the disaster of a race!

DNS for Vegas

Well it’s official. I will be a DNS (did not start) for the race in Las Vegas Dec. 5. I’ve had a feeling this was coming but now I know for sure.

My plantar fasciitis is all sorts of jacked up and in an effort to avoid cortisone shots and other extreme measures, I have to take some time away from running. I’m also going to be getting custom fit orthotic inserts for my shoes.The molds were made this morning at the doctor. I’m not excited about dropping $200 on two little pieces of plastic, but I’m told they will last my entire life… and if it gets me running again, I’ll do it. Or I’ll go on a payment plan.

Time to focus on non-running activities until the ol’ foot is fixed.

And… to add insult to injury (literally)… Here’s the ol’ e-mail from RnR with race confirmation details:

Thanks to all who donated and supported me in this journey. I will still be travelling to Vegas with the team, I just won’t be running the race.


Well, I’m at it again.  I was asked to be a mentor for the next season of Team Challenge and I gladly agreed! (If you want to join the team, there’s still time. Click here for more info).

I start training in just a few weeks for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon December 5. This time around, I only have to raise $2500!

If you could, I would appreciate if you visit my fundraising page (http://tinyurl.com/vegas10) and consider making a donation of $26.20 or whatever you are able to contribute. If 100 people donate just $25, we’ll hit my goal in no time!

Stay tuned for some awesome Vegas-themed challenges.

Inspired by my friend Sarah, I am issuing a challenge. Donate here if …

  1. You’ve been cursed at, honked at, or flipped off while biking or running. – $1
  2. You lost a toenail because of running. – $2
  3. You spend more money on training gear/clothes than regular clothes. – $3
  4. You stopped making fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar (and cooler) to one.  – $4
  5. You run barefoot or with those five fingers thingys because it feels better. – $5
  6. You’ve ever discovered a hole in your pants during a fitness class. – $6
  7. You’ve had chaffing near your lady (or man) business – $7
  8. When someone tells you their pace, you calculate their 5k/half marathon/marathon time. – $8
  9. You extend the length of your runs so you can have another beer guilt-free. – $9
  10. You have no problem talking about bodily functions with your training buddies. – $10
  11. You’ve come in first in any race you’ve ever competed in. – $20 (screw you)
  12. You’ve seen one of the following during your swim, bike and/or run training:
    a.) Asian Carp – $10
    b.) mountain lion – $15
    c.) bear – $20
    d.) dog – $1
    3.) frog or turtle – $5

The after effects of #morecowbell



I’m in Chicago cheering friends at the Rock n Roll half marathon. This is what happens when you ring your cowbell for an hour straight. I’ll be switching to the right hand for the finish line.

Race Report: Starting (and finishing) my first half marathon

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
– John Bingham

It started out like any normal Sunday. Well, any normal Sunday where you get up at 4 a.m. to get ready and catch a bus at 5 a.m. to your first half marathon. You know, the usual. My first half marathon experience was nothing short of amazing. God spoke to me through Freddy Mercury, I never stopped to use the bathroom, I ran about 3 miles, I kept smiling and joking throughout and got to see almost every single teammate along the way. I am so grateful for this experience.

Me and Coach Anne – the cool kids in the back of the bus.

Team Challenge Wisconsin met for one last team cheer before the walkers nervously boarded our fancy bus to Napa. I was a ball of nerves. Yes, I’m smiling in the photos above, but my stomach was in knots. What had I done? Did I really sign up for this? What the hell was I thinking? Who in their right mind – at 249 lbs – would do a half marathon? I mean, really…

Well, I guess I’m that crazy fool.

Shortly after we boarded the bus, Dave, one of my teammates, said to me, “You look nervous.” Duh. Of course I was nervous. I had been dealing with an upset stomach all week leading up to this moment. Continue reading “Race Report: Starting (and finishing) my first half marathon”

Race Report: Twitter me this

Here’s my tweets from July 16-19, 2010. AKA – when Amy went crazy and traveled to California to do a half marathon. Tweets are in reverse chronological order. So, start at the bottom and scroll up.

  • Yay! On my way home. Thanks @avanhizzle for the ride!
    Mon Jul 19 2010 22:23:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Oh: I feel like this is the last episode of the real world
    Mon Jul 19 2010 21:56:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg twitter. I love you
    Mon Jul 19 2010 21:45:34 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH: we can do anything for 56 minutes amy @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:35:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH something about turning things off?
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:34:46 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I’m gonna punch u in the baby maker RT @bananza: I know @amykant’s “I’m gonna OH that” face so well.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:33:58 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH: its like an air shower @bananza #teamchallenge #overheardintheairport
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:32:33 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • You know, the usual RT @bananza: Just doing double blind experiments with the power balance bracelet in the airport with strangers.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:27:38 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • YES RT @TheBeerRunner: Haven’t even made it home yet, and I’m already super excited for the next @teamchallengewi race. #teamwisvegas
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:27:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg soooooo true RT @bananza: Traveling with @teamchallengewi is like an all-day party.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:26:23 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • #hellyea RT @Mserita: If u can’t tell by our tweets we’ve been having fun on this long travel day home @bananza @amykant @roclobster
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  • It is so friggin muggy in the midwest. I miss nocal #sadtweet @bananza @mserita @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:14:48 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @beepthedog I’m almost home baby!
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:11:49 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to beepthedog
  • I can haz internets http://yfrog.com/ng1taj
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:02:53 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Me again RT @bananza: OH: I’m gonna overhear what she said and you can overhear what I said. #thatswhatshesaid @amykant @roclobster @mserita
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  • That was awesome RT @RocLobster: OH: Aaand we’ve got Amish. @amykant @bananza @mserita
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  • Oh: and then he told me I had to let go of my pants ma’m @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:49:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg chihuahua babyhttp://yfrog.com/ne4ezej
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:16:52 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ajbombers the chair @mserita @roclobster and I sat in for that picture was made by www.cornerstonesonoma.com
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:06:46 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @jmertz1010 @vasser40 email rburris@ccfa.org for info
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:26:25 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to jmertz1010
  • #justdoit RT @TeecycleTim: @sharifrenno @bootyp @vasser40 @roclobster #teamwisvegas2010. Taking over the strip, one mile & 1 beer at a time.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:19:20 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Seriously. And I’m just waiting for the skeeters RT @TeecycleTim: Good Lord, has the Midwest always been this humid?
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  • @sawaboof oh man! You should go dec 5
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:15:00 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to sawaboof
  • Yes! RT @RocLobster: @krittabug Um, Team challenge in Las Vegas! December. You must do it! Rock n’ Roll half @amykant @bananza @mserita
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  • So how many of you will join @teamchallengewi for vegas in december???? #fitmke
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  • Mmmmmm tequila! (@ Tequileria at KCI Terminal B) http://4sq.com/chblsG
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  • OH: its almost like today never happened #fb
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  • We have been traveling since 7am http://yfrog.com/jozilcj
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  • @steveegg I know. 3 friggin hrs
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  • 3hr layover (@ Kansas City International Airport – MCI) http://4sq.com/dbshnt
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  • Feels lonely sitting in a different row from @bananza @mserita @roclobster 🙁
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  • Enjoying the post race party with my girls @mserita @roclobster http://yfrog.com/n189968748j
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  • Surprise surprise @mserita is tweeting http://yfrog.com/n2f9rj
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  • @CandidCarrie @AJBombers well u can financially back me for vegas!!!
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  • @dawnk777 @CandidCarrie thank you sooo much
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  • OH: @mserita has been lubing me up. @roclobster #moseybait
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  • Post race injury report: foot-omg. Calves-lil stiff. Hips-stiff and sore. Voice: I sound like lauren bacall with a cold.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 09:55:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @Mserita Friendship bracelets! @RocLobster @amykant @bananza #Napa #TeamChallenge http://tweetphoto.com/33672973
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  • Still alive http://yfrog.com/n5qutj
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  • Leaving the hotel 🙁 bye bye wine country
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  • Becky thinks she found a tick. I killed it. Time to google img search ticks
    Sun Jul 18 2010 23:51:02 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @TeecycleTim Thanks for all the well-wishes today! @teamchallengewi rocked Napa to Sonoma. Here’s the race report: http://tcycl.es/aqfi59
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  • @bananza thanks anne. Time to medicate
    Sun Jul 18 2010 23:40:25 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • Foot didn’t hurt til mile 9.5. Now it hurts a ton. Ugh #fb
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  • OMG I did it http://bit.ly/cS0BLP
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  • Thank you all for the comments. You are all amazing. #lovefest #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 18:49:40 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Go #teamwi @teamchallengewi http://yfrog.com/1x49vlj #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 14:37:43 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Holler @bananza http://yfrog.com/mv35234938j
    Sun Jul 18 2010 14:35:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Look who’s tweeting and not helping her walker http://yfrog.com/6z8oguj @bananza #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 14:35:03 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @tmgessner Check out @amykant finishing her first half marathon with her entourage! #teamchallenge http://yfrog.com/5bp61cj
    Sun Jul 18 2010 12:26:01 (CDT) via Yfrog
  • Post race ice http://yfrog.com/j667958267j #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 12:58:42 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg I did it http://yfrog.com/jnhs5j #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 12:28:03 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • http://yfrog.com/6zorkbj
    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:36:09 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Well the 10mi warmuup is done. Time to own this 5k bitches #napaorbust #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:22:22 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @tmgessner: Motivation for @amykant: http://yfrog.com/5uwllrj yea 🙂
    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:17:12 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @bananza Go @amykant!!! At mile 8! http://twitpic.com/26ivys
    Sun Jul 18 2010 10:49:30 (CDT) via Twitpic
  • Love it 9.5 http://yfrog.com/n4x4uj #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:14:33 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • 9 mi http://yfrog.com/2pobdwj #fbq
    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:08:47 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • 8 #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 10:50:43 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Halfway there #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 10:23:45 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • http://yfrog.com/mu3f4rj #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 09:48:14 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • 4.35 down #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 09:45:39 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg #lovefest yall
    Sun Jul 18 2010 09:27:08 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Only 10 more miles #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 09:25:34 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Almost to mile 3 #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 09:19:13 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Doing this for aunt janice uncle will and grandma irene http://yfrog.com/1s945vj #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:42:06 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Omg its race day #napaorbust @teamchallengewi #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:37:06 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Dave: you look nervous. Me: stfu
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:33:36 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @Mserita omg I love you #lovefest
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:32:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to Mserita
  • Oh: if you get ridiculously thirsty then reevaluate
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:31:45 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @jenlada @msruntheus woohoo! Have fun!
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:07:25 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to jenlada
  • <3 RT @bananza: OH on the bus: “I can put two in the back and one in the front” #moseybait
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:06:14 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • On the bus en route to the race. #napaorbust #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:05:47 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @fromfat2fit2010 thank you lady!
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:02:13 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to fromfat2fit2010
  • I am doing a half marathon. Tomorrow. Omg. Also: my foot doesn’t hurt! Squeee #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 00:18:13 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @RocLobster Getting ready for bed. Race tomorrow. Do yourself a favor & sign up for #TeamChallenge as soon as you can. This is amazing. #napa
    Sun Jul 18 2010 00:06:05 (CDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  • Retweeted by you
  • @KatieFelten you are too kind. Related: wore a swimsuit for the first time in 4 years this weekend. #squeeeeee
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:37:45 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to KatieFelten
  • @EstablishmentWI @mserita @runcarlyrun @roclobster mine is already charged
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:36:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to EstablishmentWI
  • @Sp0on I blame jim. Just ask @mserita @roclobster he’s a bad influence
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:36:10 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to Sp0on
  • Um it prolly wasn’t a good idea to drink 4 margaritas the day before my first half marathon #oops #fb
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:19:52 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Ummmm http://yfrog.com/jaomnxj
    Sat Jul 17 2010 16:06:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I have pool chairs for @mserita @roclobster @bananza. Get your asses to the pool
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:26:00 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @bananza @RocLobster @mserita its room service onlt to the pool
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:21:44 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @bananza @RocLobster @mserita yay! You can order food AT the pool!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:07:56 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • My race bib! #isthisreallife http://yfrog.com/jb2l7zj
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:51:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @bananza lol it wasn’t worth the money for me
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:47:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @bananza why are you offroading? To see the sites? Related: I miss you.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:16:06 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • Heading back to the hotel! http://yfrog.com/bglstij
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:13:41 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ChristyFphoto that’s where the race starts!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:48:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ChristyFphoto
  • Race day expo (@ Cornerstone Sonoma) http://4sq.com/cZehFN
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:45:31 (CDT) via foursquare
  • On the way to the race expo!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:10:53 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Lookin good @establishmentwi http://yfrog.com/jtacfj
    Sat Jul 17 2010 11:29:36 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @Mserita @establishmentwi oops
    Sat Jul 17 2010 11:26:59 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to Mserita
  • @AgustinSantiago its like a pine tree palm tree hybrid
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:58:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to AgustinSantiago
  • @ChristyFphoto its so beautiful here. Went to flavor in downtown santa rosa last night
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:55:39 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ChristyFphoto
  • @ToddBrink @bananza thanks all my lips are much better
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:54:58 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • Lookin good @establishmentwi http://yfrog.com/jv5pimj
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:51:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Its not quite ‘a room with a view’ but ill take it http://yfrog.com/0veisyj
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:50:26 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Oh: we’re not sending these to playboy guys.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:44:31 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ToddBrink we aren’t sharing room 🙁 she’s with @runrunsally.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:43:50 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • @bananza missed you too! But I guess today ill listen to #jth. Tomorrow? Perhaps 😉
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:43:08 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @ToddBrink @bananza is at a staff meeting 🙁
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:42:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • Maybe I should find a cute boy with chapstick. Then I can you know “borrow” some. #willkissforchapstick #desperate
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:41:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • also: I would pay $10 for chapstick right now. #leftmychapstickinwisconsin
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:40:40 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I need chapstick. Preferably with spf
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:38:28 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @DigidivaIsh @RocLobster hilton wine country in santa rosa
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:23:37 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to DigidivaIsh
  • Did a elliptical workout 1.47 miles in 20 mins and felt good. Quick lil pre-race jaunt on hotel elliptical while the… http://bit.ly/bancoU
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:11:04 (CDT) via dailymile
  • It wasn’t a dream. I really am here in cali! #squeee
    Sat Jul 17 2010 08:05:34 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @bananza RT @RocLobster: Thanks to all for the good wishes! We’ll make MKE proud:) #TeamChallengeWI #napa
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:25:06 (CDT) via Twee in reply to RocLobster
  • @avanhizzle did you know the full house house in san fran is for sale
    Fri Jul 16 2010 21:34:13 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • RT @Mserita Hi @amykant! http://tweetphoto.com/33084996
    Fri Jul 16 2010 18:58:35 (CDT) via Echofon from Santa Rosa, CA
  • My view. Jealous? http://yfrog.com/0c75078389j
    Fri Jul 16 2010 19:04:45 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • California dreamin’ http://bit.ly/a5iRRm
    Fri Jul 16 2010 16:46:23 (CDT) via mobile web
  • @SandyShores thanks jane! 🙂
    Fri Jul 16 2010 16:16:52 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to SandyShores
  • @mjburian @RocLobster @tmgessner ill bring some munchies
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:32:06 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to mjburian
  • I’m at Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge, US 101, San Francisco) w/ 5 others. http://4sq.com/4vTWx3
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:31:26 (CDT) via foursquare
  • Golden gate bridgehttp://yfrog.com/5clslj
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:30:28 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @mjburian @RocLobster @tmgessner @sandyshores who thinks marty should hve a weeds party?
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:08:00 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to mjburian
  • Guess where I am? http://yfrog.com/bcvrrnj
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:07:10 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @tmgessner lol actually I think there is an agrestic. @sandyshores
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:49:05 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • @tmgessner isn’t that socal?? Btw we are not far behind you
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:45:59 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • Eek! We are going to go across the golden gate bridge! #fb
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:43:12 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @beepthedog you’re gonna play with gizmo and bandit today. You’ll have fun
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:22:53 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to beepthedog
  • California baby. Squeeeee. @establishmentwi just pulled the first jackass comment “shotgun!!” There’s no shotgun on the bus silly
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:14:36 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • Omg trainwreck behind @mserita @roclobster http://yfrog.com/b5n9rj
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:02:55 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • SQUEEEEEE @tmgessner @roclobster @mserita @bananza @teamchallengewi
    Fri Jul 16 2010 13:42:05 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • California baby!! (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 79 others) http://4sq.com/MTivk
    Fri Jul 16 2010 13:39:59 (CDT) via foursquare
  • In vegas. Hoping I have time to play a slot machine before boarding for san fran
    Fri Jul 16 2010 11:13:20 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @fromfat2fit2010 thanks lady! Soooo excited
    Fri Jul 16 2010 11:12:08 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to fromfat2fit2010
  • In case you were wondering flying is much more comfy when you’ve lost 26lbs and 36 in #fitmke #fb
  • Fri Jul 16 2010 11:10:07 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • I’m at General Mitchell Int’l Airport (MKE) w/ @mserita @lynncalicchio. http://4sq.com/56h9fn
    7:00 AM Jul 16th via foursquare
  • Um we are having problems getting to the airport.
    5:48 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic
  • @bananza oh nos!
    4:59 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic in reply to bananza
  • @plural where are y’all staying this weekend?
    4:31 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic in reply to plural
  • You should know I got maybe 2 hrs of sleep. So yeah. Hahahah #gameon #napaorbust