Get off my lawn

Just had my first official “get off my lawn” old lady moment.

There is a family who lives in my building. There are a lot of kids up there. I don’t even know how many. A variety of ages. There might be a couple of families. The kids are nice. They like miss Beep.

I am not, however, their personal doorman.

Since I’m guessing the adults have the apartment keys, when they are gone, if the kids leave and the door hasn’t been propped open, they ring doorbells until someone answers. I’ve stopped answering when my doorbell rings, unless I’m expecting someone.

Tonight, the ringing was ridiculous. I jumped (ok, hobbled) out of bed, opened my door and yelled at a kid, “You guys seriously need to stop ringing my bell.” Then I slammed my door.

No joke, within 5 minutes the door was ringing every thirty seconds. Meanwhile, Beep is going batshit crazy. I storm back up the stairs and there is no one there. The doorbell is ringing. The apartment where the kids live? Someone is standing at their door. I can hear all the doorbells in my building dinging. I slammed the bells outside, went back to my apartment and shut the door.

Maybe there’s a problem with our doorbell system? All I know is, I’m calling the manager in the morning.