Radioactive scrambled eggs

Guess what I get to do on Monday? Here’s a hint:

I’m eating radioactive scrambled eggs, y’all.

You see, I’ve been having a lot of GI problems lately. I’ll spare you the gross details. It hasn’t been pretty. Everything I eat seems to make me sick. I’m bloated, not very hungry (i.e. forcing myself to eat) and through all this, I haven’t lost any weight, which is frustrating. I’ve had a few different tests – checking for a bacterial infection of the intestines, blood test for Celiac disease, etc. I might have a slight intolerance to gluten, but it’s not a full-blown allergy. (Whew, I was freaking out I’d have to give up beer, pizza, sandwiches and whiskey). I’m gonna try to reduce the gluten in my diet, though, because I haven’t been as sick when I eat mostly gluten-free.

Oh, so back to the radioactive eggs. I saw a specialist yesterday who ordered a gastric emptying scan. It’s not what you think. I made sure it wasn’t a test where they watch you poop. Cuz that’s just nasty. Basically, I fast the night before, then they give me toast, OJ and scrambled eggs laced with radioactive dye and then watch it move through my digestive system. It’ll take a few hours. My doctor said we’d take it from there.

From my extensive Googling, I’ve found that this test is intended to see if your stomach is rapidly or too slowly emptying into the small intestine.

Good times.