3 dogs, 3 miles, 1 wedding, 5 burrs, 1 NEHOD, a little dog conference and countless bathroom breaks

Try taking three little dogs for a walk. I dare you.

I’m watching Gizmo and Bandit this weekend because my parents are in Minnesota visiting family. I knew I would have to get a 3-4 miler in with them and Beep sometime this weekend, so we went Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful day.

We started on Wahl near Lake Park and continued alone Lake Drive through Lake Park and then down the hill at Lincoln Memorial Drive. We did a few running intervals (never more than about .2 miles because the dogs would get tangled in their leashes). We had countless potty/poop breaks but overall it was good. Well, until we found the burrs. ugh. that was a mess.

We continued down Lincoln Memorial Drive to Bradford Beach and took the trail/bridge across LMD and up to Wahl or whatever that street is near the water tower. Along this path, which was paved but covered in leaves, so it was a bit slippery. It is also a pretty steep trek up the hill. Half way up, we ran into a couple walking a pug and a mini dauschund and it was a mess/tangle of little dogs on leashes. We all couldn’t stop laughing and the guy said, “It’s a little dog conference!”

We got to the top and continued north toward Lake Park. When we hit the car, we were at about 2.5 mi and since I really wanted to hit at least 3, we continued on the path toward the lighthouse… and encountered a HUGE wedding party taking pictures. So if you know someone who got married and took pictures at the lighthouse, please give them my best and my apologies for having 3 dogs walk through the scene. We continued to the parking lot by the golfing/lawn bowling and headed back to Lake Drive and south to the car.

By the end, Gizmo and Bandit were spent, but Beep looked like she could have gone another mile or two. That dog never ceases to amaze me. She’s 7.8 lbs! My goodness.

I thought I would have 3 tired-ass dogs when I got home but now there’s wrestling and taunting going on.

As for me, I felt great most of the run/walk. I never stopped my Garmin, so this pace isn’t really accurate when you take into account the bathroom stops, burrs and encounters with other dogs. My foot started to ache a bit around 2.8ish so I’m doing a lot of stretching and icing tonight… I have 6 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. I’ll be taking it slow tomorrow. The plan is just to cover the miles, not to worry about pace. I hope my foot holds up! Luckily, my cardio fitness has drastically improved this year and its so much easier for my body to get oxygen on these run/walks. I am much less reliant on my inhaler, which is AWESOME. In fact, today I didn’t take it before I went out and didn’t need it at all during the walk. 😉

Meet Beep

Meet Beep. She’s the reason I haven’t been super active on social media for the past few days. She’s my new baby girl.

She’s a rat terrier chihuahua mix (I think – she might be min pin). Beep has had a rough life but she has found her furever home with me!

My friend Carrie found Beep. Her owners took off her collar and encouraged her to run away last Friday. Carrie got her Sunday night. She had her microchip scanned and found the owners. They were disappointed that someone brought the dog back and signed her over to Carrie. She had been wandering around in the heat without food or water for 2.5 days. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Dane County last year. Her owners adopted her, but they neglected her over the past year. She needs a lot of love and training but I know we will make her life so awesome now.

Carrie has been calling her Beep and I think that name is hilarious so she’s keeping the name 😉

I’m really enjoying watching Beep’s personality emerge. She cracks me up every day. It’s hilarious to watch her realize what you do with a dog treat… or that it’s ok to play with toys.

If you’re interested in following Beep’s adventures, you can follow her on Twitter (like you didn’t think MY dog would be on Twitter): twitter.com/beepthedog.