Negative for malignancy

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I have some amazing news to share – the biopsy (see post from yesterday) came back negative for malignancy – which means I don’t have cancer!


I don’t have many answers as to what is happening right now, but I’m going to try to focus on the fact that no matter what – at least I don’t have cancer.


I wasn’t the only one who was happy to hear this news:

Beep's face when I told her I don't have cancer.
Beep’s face when I told her I don’t have cancer.

However, my sister did not do a very good job at sharing this news with her boyfriend, Matt:

When sending your boyfriend a text about your sister's test results, please make sure autocorrect doesn't change the diagnosis.
When sending your boyfriend a text about your sister’s test results, please make sure autocorrect doesn’t change the diagnosis.

Apparently, autocorrect wants me to have cancer. Screw you, autocorrect.


I’m not very satisfied with the doctor’s plan to revisit things in one year. I am still extremely tired. My swallowing (and sometimes breathing) are affected by these nodules and my damaged thyroid.

Just two weeks ago, I choked while eating nachos. Pretty serious choking. I thought I was going to die. I live alone and I was afraid they would find Beep eating my body and that my tombstone would say “She died eating what she loved most – nachos.”

I’m keeping my appointment with the doctor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I’m hoping he will have a plan for dealing with these nodules in an non-invasive way – or at least will have answers on how to deal with them. And the exhaustion. And the brain fog. And the anxiety.

I’m still going to struggle for awhile, but I’m hopeful that the weight of the “C” word being lifted from my diagnosis will help.

But above all, I am thankful to God for answering all my prayers. All your prayers. All our prayers.

I’m humbled and quite overwhelmed at the outpouring of support from all of you. I didn’t realize how much you all care. The texts, emails, comments, phone calls, likes and inbox messages have truly touched me more than I can adequately put into words.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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