Holy surgery bills

photo (1)Things I found out when I looked at medical billing (pre-insurance) for my surgery:

  • A pregnancy test costs $77 (I could’ve gotten one at CVS for less than $10).
  • The screw they put in my ankle cost $81.06.
  • An extra 30 minutes of surgery costs $1,618.
  • An extra 30 minutes of anesthesia costs $383.50.
  • Repairing ligaments costs $6,582.
  • Exploring an ankle joint costs $4,363.

So far, the total for surgery is $32,916.89. Still waiting to see what insurance will pay. Hoping this doesn’t set me back too far. Right now what it says I owe will hurt the wallet a bit, but won’t break the bank. I have pretty good insurance, so I’m hopeful the final total won’t be too much!

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  1. I hear ya, sister. We got the bill for Marjie’s surgery for a broken wrist last week. A 49mm stainless steel plate was $3400. And is held in place by svereal screws ranging between 187 and $1400(!) each. She also is at 30 some thousand. We feel your pain. 😉

  2. When I had surgery for my Crohn’s, think everything was around $140,000. Thank God for insurance!!

  3. Amy, I am glad to see you’re on the road to recovery!! Will you have to have physical therapy once you’re healed?

    My husband was in a drunk driving accident and was hospitalized for 2 weeks – he got plates and screws in his leg and had his intestines sewn back together – then he was in rehabilitation for 2 weeks. I got two bills – one for $190,000 and another for $122,000! That was AFTER I got the $2200 ambulance bill to drive him 5 miles :p This stuff is ridiculous.

    1. WOWZA! I hope that the drunk driver paid your bills! And that your husband is doing ok. I will start rehab in a week or so. They want me to wait 4 weeks after surgery before starting rehab because of the nature of my surgery.

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