And the award for most pissed off, in pain race photo goes to…

Did not start. Times three.

It was in the second half of a horrible half marathon last month that I began to wonder if something was wrong.

Horrible pain in the center of my left ankle, shooting up my leg.



Mental anguish.

And now, more mental anguish.

Today one of my fears became reality.

  • I won’t be running the Lakefront Marathon.
  • I won’t be running the Madison Mini Marathon.
  • I won’t be running the Brewers Mini Marathon.

This was supposed to be my year. No injuries. Smart training. Life goals accomplished. Complete a marathon before I turn 30 in November. Run four half marathons plus Ragnar as training runs for the marathon.

First, I slipped on the ice and threw out my back. Then I nursed a strained quad muscle. And just as that injury was healed, my ankle decided to be a little bitch.

The day after the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon, I went to see my doctor. I wasn’t having the normal post race pain. I was afraid it was serious. Perhaps a stress fracture. X-rays showed inflammation and the start of arthritis. Lovely, but something I could deal with. Doctor’s orders were to rest (i.e. NO RUNNING for two weeks), ice, brace, etc. As much as it killed me, I obliged.

I’ve been going stir crazy. Besides a few short walks with my dog I haven’t done ANYTHING since that race. Two weeks later, the pain is still there. Nothing had changed. Dr. H. referred me to an orthopedic specialist this week. I saw Dr. B. late this afternoon. After an exam and closer look at my x-rays from two weeks ago, Dr. B. concluded that inflammation, tendonitis and a tiny bone spur were to blame for the pain. Besides the tendonitis on the front of my ankle, the inflammation and bone spur are in the middle of my ankle. Like the exact middle/inside of my ankle. That’s why it doesn’t matter how I move or walk on it, it hurts. He also explained that repeated pressure (i.e. running) and inclines would continue to aggravate my ankle.

Dr. B. said the good news is, it isn’t serious. The bad news is, the recovery will take months.

  • Absolutely no running.
  • No walking, beyond normal, daily stuff until the pain is gone. Then, only short walks with short strides on flat surfaces, working up to walking longer distances on flat surfaces.
  • Ice daily.
  • Major anti-inflammatory meds for the next 3-4 weeks (or longer).
  • Continue to wear a brace daily.
  • Wear athletic shoes for the next 3 weeks (which means I’ll be rocking the dresses and running shoes look at work).
  • Stretching 3-4 times a day.

Yeah. It fucking sucks.

Dr. B. told me I could bike, as long as I use the heel of my left foot on the pedal.

I’m so lost right now. I’m heartbroken.

I’m going to have a pity party for a few days, including eating all the feelings. Yes. Even yours.

Then, I’m going to force myself to live with the cards I’ve been dealt. I’ll bike. I’ll swim. I’ll do upper body strength training.

But first, fuck you ankle.

I’ll be so stylish at work in my dresses and running shoes.

9 Replies to “DNSx3”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Amy. I know how hard you’ve worked. But you know what, you’ve done some major ass-kicking along the way and I am amazed at how much you’ve achievedl! I know you will think of something even more awesome to do next!

    And sneakers look awesome with dresses! LOL! At least that’s what I tell myself when I wear my chucks with them. 🙂

    Lots of hugs!!!!!!

  2. Amy, you are so strong and have a great support team behind you. Screw the ‘before I’m 30’ mentality. I fell into that pattern and looking back, it’s a number that doesn’t even matter. I didn’t even start running at all til I was 30.

    Heal that bad boy up, shake it off, start fresh when your body is ready. Rock those dresses!

    I’ll be happy to cheer on your marathon whenever wherever. It will happen. Peace and love, peace and love

  3. Aaahhh DAMN! I’m pissed on your behalf, if it helps, & I would definitely be eating the feelings too – that’s how I roll. Glad you have plans to pull yourself out of this, after an appropriate period of mourning.
    Another local blogger/runner (“hate” her ’cause she’s skinny) I follow encountered a “no-running” injury lately & decided to beef up her upper body strength training in the mean time. The results are kinda remarkable; although I have to remember she started with like no fat to begin with (jerk). Anyway, maybe you’d find it a tad-bit motivational when you’re ready:

  4. Amy, I am so sorry to hear about your injury and derailed plans. I’ve been there–with the doc and trainer saying “bike and swim” and my heart screaming “I just want to run!” Be gentle with yourself. Believe it or not, there are lessons to be learned on this leg of your journey. Don’t miss them. Love to you!!

  5. Amy – I am so, so sorry. I think you have a good plan. I know the heartbreak of injury and being told no marathon and no running. It hurts, it stings. You will get through this. And know we are all here.

  6. You’re right. This totally sucks. But, if the goal is to be able to run for the rest of your life, this is a relatively small setback.
    I remember that I wanted to be able to run a 5K before my 30th birthday. But, then I got sick, really sick. It didn’t happen. But, now I’m 34. I’ve run one marathon, 3 half marathons and countless other races.
    So, have your pity party…I encourage it. But, don’t let it completely derail you. You will run again. Learn everything you can during this time, it will ultimately make you stronger.

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