Wahoo! PR by almost 2 minutes! Gun time was 44:41, but I didn’t cross the start until about 52 sec after the gun… so HOLLER for a PR, POWERED BY BACON.

I felt pretty good out there. Just kept my head down and kept on trucking. Slow and steady. Only walked through the water stop, though I wanted to walk a little more, I waited until I had sprinted to the finish. Today, I actually passed people. That never happens.

Good to see so many friends out there – Annie Mandi Mike C. Agustin J S. and volunteers Marty andRochelle! (And I think I saw Rebecca H. too!)

And congrats to Tim C. Matt J. Renee H. Tracey G. Sun T. and btw Sara K. you placed 3rd in your division! ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELVES.

No clue on splits, due to my forgetting my garmin. I bet if I wouldn’t have walked those 30ish seconds of the water stop, I could have had an overall pace in the 13s, which would have been bad.ass.

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    1. They were giving out packages of bacon at the finish. Then there was a finish line party with bacon pasta salad, bacon potato salad, bacon mac N cheese, BLTs, Potato skins, deep fried peanut butter and bacon balls and…. bacon.

  1. Mary’s one of my Ragnar teammates; too cool that she follows your blog, too!!! I heard about the deep-fried peanut butter bacon balls and, I have to say, I like the way you folks do things in Wisconsin! 🙂 Nice job on the PR! I feel a new t-shirt slogan coming on – “Bacon power!”

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