My life is a sitcom, part 1324807

Today, I high-fived my trainer when he was trying to fist-bump me for running 5 miles this weekend without walking.

Later, while delirious from the ass-kicking workout, I got his dog and child’s names mixed up…which must have really confused him when I said he could put Lucas (dog) in a baby bjorn and walk around the gym. And that Lucas’ first words would be “Give me 5 more.”

Then there’s this:

Trainer: I have a feeling bad things are going to be said about me online tonight.
Me: That’s a possibility.

Mostly, I just had an awkward session. Because I’m awkward.



I’ve been on a weird emotional roller coaster lately. And not in a good way.

I’m still adjusting to the changes in my diet and how they are affecting my overall being – physically and emotionally.

Then there’s some other things that have happened that make me go, “Hmmpf. I don’t get it. I don’t know what I did, but apparently I fscked up or something. It would have been nice to know. So, you know, I can make sure I don’t mess up again.”

Oh well. I’ll have a good cry about it later. And then snuggle with Beep.


Conversations with my father

Dad: Amy, your muffler is now in your trunk. Don’t worry, I put a piece of cardboard down first.
Me: WHAT? Muffler is in the trunk?
Dad: Oh, yeah. I took a look at what that noise was. I just took off your muffler. It wasn’t really attached anymore.
Me: So wait, it’s in the trunk?
Dad: Yes, but don’t worry. I put cardboard down.


A new blog, a good run and a happier gut

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Losing It! I’m just going to focus my FODMAP-related posts, recipes, etc at

It’s been almost two weeks since I started the FODMAPs elimination diet and boy do I feel better. It’s amazing what a difference there is between me today and me two weeks ago.

I’m still crabby about many of the foods I’ve had to give up, but I’m thankful for less trips to the bathroom, less bloating, less gas and a more happy Amy.

Today I had a 5 mile training run. It went pretty well. I felt like my legs were heavy, but I managed to squeak out a sub-15 pace, which is pretty good for me. Of course, it’s nothing like my recent runs with paces of 12:30-13:30/mile, but I’m making progress!!!


I would run to you

Did anyone else catch this commercial tonight? I was eating dinner while mom watched American Idol and I saw this. And I kind of loved it. And then I rewound TV and WATCHED A COMMERCIAL AGAIN. And then I searched YouTube for it. And then I blogged about it. The end.