Day 6: 3 miles of bribery

Day 6 of marathon training. First “long” run. Truth be told I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. Haven’t ran more than 1-2 mi at a time since the beginning of the year (thanks to slipping on ice and throwing out my back and some other health related issues). But I did it, and much faster than I thought I would be. Yayz. I got some of my confidence back. Oh did I mention I didn’t walk? Eek. See also: wearing a singlet to run on March 17 IN WISCONSIN.

3.1 miles in 44 min (14:11 pace)

On my run today I came across a group of young girls. Here is our conversation:

Little girl: why are you running?
Me: because I’m training for a marathon.
Little girl: why would you do something like that?
Me: because I want to
Little girl: that’s weird.

Touché, little girl. Touché.


PS: The reason it was 3 miles of bribery is that I told myself if I went for a run I could eat a cupcake. But I got home and never ended up eating that cupcake. WOAH. WILLPOWER. I HAS IT.

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