Day 3: Meh (see also: why being an adult sucks balls)

Marathon Training Day 3: Couldn’t get into a groove. Cut the run short because there was way too much weighing on my mind and it was weighing my feet down… down to more of a walk. Plus Beep kept stopping to pee and smell things (1.84mi in about 30 minutes).

So what was weighing on my mind?

Well, I’m apartment hunting right now. Because I work for the city of Milwaukee, I have to live in the city… but since I wasn’t a resident when I started, I was given a year to move into the city.

Now that winter has (not really) come and gone, it’s high-time I find a new home for me and the Beepster.

I don’t have a lot of furniture and don’t need anything real big, since it’s me and a 7 lb dog.

My favorite parts of the city are the east side and bay view. I <3 these neighborhoods something FIERCE. It is my long-term goal to buy a small house in Bay View. It’s where I belong.

I’ve been doing some massive online searching using every tool known to mankind as I search for an apartment. My favorite has been (also iPhone/iPad app!). It pulls in ads from a bunch of sources and maps them out…

Here’s my problem(s):

  • I have a dog. Some places require a non-refundable deposit and monthly rent. Some require just a deposit. Many require refundable deposit plus pet rent. I understand the reasoning behind this. I really do. I just don’t think I should have to drop a billionty dollars to have a 7lb dog in my apartment. She’s tiny.
  • Old houses/apartments (my fav) cost a LOT to heat.
  • Parking on the eastside is near-impossible. If you have off-street parking, it likely costs you $60-150/mo. JUST TO PARK YOUR CAR.
  • I would prefer to live on my own (i.e. no roommate).

I have basically figured out a budget of what I can comfortably handle each month for a residence (i.e. rent, parking, dog, heat, water, electricity, internet, etc). I know I could afford more than what I’m looking at, but I want to be smart and to have money to do things like eat, register for races, save for a downpayment on a house, splurge on lattes and continue to pay down debt I accrued whilst being stupid during college (ok and a little post college).

On Monday, I looked at a studio apartment just north of Brady Street on Cambridge (east side). Great neighborhood. Dog-friendly building. 3rd or 5th floor tiny apartment. Mini stove, small fridge, no counter space in kitchen. Rent (incl. heat) + Dog + Parking + Water/Sewer (paid quarterly) + electricity = $590. Add in electricity and internet = $650-700/mo. Brady Street is one of my favoritest places ever. The studio was workable, but tiny. So tiny that I cried when I got back to my car. There was laundry on-site, but no storage units. So everything I own would have to fit into a 200-square-foot apartment.

Today, I looked at a 1 bedroom apartment near 76th and Howard. Not the neighborhood I want, but a nice neighborhood nonetheless. Close to lots of shopping, gas stations, parks, and just a few miles from my parents’ house. Nice big complex. Parking, heat, gas, water, sewer and AC incl. in rent. Ground floor apartment with sliding glass doors and patio (perfect for letting beep out!) Living room (the size of the previous studio apt), small dining area, nice kitchen (with full-sized appliances), lots of closet space, decent sized bedroom. Rent (incl. heat, water, sewer, parking, gas, storage unit) plus Beep = $615. Add in Electricity and internet = $675-700/mo. The apartment is almost 600-square-feet. Laundry is on the same floor as the apartment. Plus, I’d have a cute patio for chillin’ in the summer, and a perfect place to put a cable for the Beepster.

Is it time to be a grown up and choose the more logical option, knowing this isn’t a long-term home, in order to be more comfortable (and to be able to have more than 1 person in my apartment at a time)?

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  1. I’m in my mid-30’s and deciding to just be a grown up now. We actually posted a craigslist ad out of desperation – not expecting to get an answer.

    I posted my budget w/amenities and the fact that I had pets & owned a pet sitting business. It was really one of those “If I could dream, within reason, this is what it would be …”

    Bob, our current landlord and future previous home owner, answered. He was looking exactly for me, the house was right in budget and it was MORE than we were looking for. Prior to moving I moved every year, now I live in the house I’m going to buy for over 3.5 years. I love him, love our neighborhood, love the location. It worked out amazingly. I literally put “Willing to accept … ” and then put “Willing to pay more for a rent-to-own option but must have …” and that’s what I got.

    Maybe try that out?

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