Planning to train for a marathon

I know that training for a marathon will be exhausting. But planning the training makes me want to puke.

A week after registering for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, I slipped on the ice and threw out my back. I finally got permission to start running 1-2 miles a couple times a week and then Friday I slipped on the slushy snow as I was getting into my car and sort of tweaked my left ankle/calf/IT band/leg/etc.


Tonight I mapped out my training plan, starting with October 7, and working backwards for 30 weeks. I am merging three different Hal Higdon plans.

I have also realized that I can’t safely train for the Wisconsin Half Marathon in May, as I was planning to do, so I’m pushing back my first half marathon of 2012 to the Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole (Plus, the week before, I’ll run the equivalent of a half marathon during Ragnar).

Then, in July it’s the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon… followed by possibly the Madison Mini Marathon in August.

Enter the most hellish month of my life ever:

Followed by a marathon and epic rest week. #dontdie

I can’t be the only person who freaks out and requires insane planning before a race… What do you do to plan for a race?

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  1. I ran my first marathon a year and a half ago. I ran it 17 weeks pregnant…not what I would recommend for anyone’s first marathon. I’m hoping to run Milwaukee this year too. One thing I would suggest, and you can take it or leave it…I’m certainly not a marathon running expert, but you may want to consider adding a 22 miler to your training plan. I did one in preparation for my first marathon, and when it came time to run the race, psychologically, I was really glad I had done the 22 mile training run. Just my 2 cents. You can’t make the wrong decision. Good luck with your training and maybe I’ll see you in MKE in October!

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