Update: 28 things to do before 29

There’s less than a month before my 29th birthday, so it’s probably time to update my 28 things to do before 29. Here’s a reminder:

  • The pounds haven’t dropped but I’ve gone down a dress size.
  • I moved and am temporarily living with the ‘rents until late spring.
  • See above
  • Beep can shake (left paw) and kick (right paw).
  • Officially postponed to year 30. But I’ve already done 2 half marathons this year…that’s gotta count for something.
  • Ack! I NEED to do this in the next few weeks – anyone got suggestions for a tattoo artist in town?
  • I have concepts but haven’t started writing.
  • In July I did 100 miles of activity! WOOT!
  • I’ve done this a few times.
  • I have a couple of leads, but with my new job I’m backing away from a lot of my freelance work.
  • With my new job and increased wages, I’m making progress.
  • Check! I took a Citizen’s Police Academy class!
  • Check!
  • fail.
  • I still have time. Unless one of you guys wants to buy this for me.
  • With my new job, I dress up everyday!
  • Check for acupuncture. Uncheck for yoga.
  • Yes!!
  • Check!
  • Checkity check!
  • Check!
  • I’m so much better at saying NO to others and YES to me.
  • Check!
  • Check!
  • Check! I’ve created a WP theme for my new job!
  • I don’t have the program to do this. But I really really really want to.
  • All my stuff is in boxes.
  • every.damn.day.

3 Replies to “Update: 28 things to do before 29”

  1. #14 – You can send me a postcard and it’ll count! 1373 Haight St., San Francisco, CA 94117 😉 (hint hint)

  2. Nice progress on your list!

    Congratulations on fitting in smaller dress sizes. If you still want to lose more weight, consider Lose It, the app or the web site. Weight loss begins in the kitchen, fitness in the gym. We need both. I’m down 43lbs since May 1 doing what I’m learning on Lose It. Join me?

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