100 mi! Wheee! #chasing100

Do you see what that is just above “Jul ’11”? Oh yeah. That’s 100. 100-freaking-miles. One month. WOW. WOW. WOW.

I am still trying to grasp what I’ve accomplished (with your support and encouragement)! 100 miles!!! To think, just 11 days ago, I was at 48 miles for the month, and today I am celebrating my first ever 100 mile month.

2010 Amy thought that was a long ways off. 2011 Amy thinks her legs need a vaca.

As planned, I finished up my mileage during the Liver Life Walk yesterday morning with some friends. I was so excited and celebrated the milestone at Yo Mama‘s.

I’m working on a full writeup of the challenge – hope to post it this week. Thanks Tiffany for kicking my butt (errr legs).

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