UPDATE: 28 things to do before 29

We’re 6.5 months into my 29th year of life and I figured it’s about time for an update on my 28 things to do before 29. Here’s a reminder:

  • um… I need to get on this pronto.
  • I moved. I’m now living in limbo.
  • see above
  • Yay! Beep can shake (left paw) and kick (right paw).
  • Officially postponed to year 30. But I’m doing like 3 or 4 half marathons, so that’s gotta count for something.
  • I have a couple of ideas… still pondering location
  • I have concepts but no formal proposal
  • I don’t think this is going to happen. I may need to change this goal to do 100 miles of activity in 1 month.
  • Working on this.
  • I have a couple of leads.
  • Something tells me this won’t happen any time soon. (sadsies)
  • Check! I took a Citizen’s Police Academy class!
  • Check! Just spent a long weekend visiting my sister, and my parents and brother and I have monthly game nights planned.
  • fail.
  • I still have time. Unless one of you guys wants to buy this for me.
  • Been doing pretty good at this as of late.
  • Check for acupuncture. Uncheck for yoga.
  • Check! Update for FitMilwaukee.com coming soon!
  • I need to do this more.
  • Checkity check!
  • Getting better at this – try to take SM breaks on weekends.
  • I’m so much better at saying NO to others and YES to me.
  • Check!
  • Check!
  • I’m so good at hacking, just not creating.
  • I don’t have the program to do this. But I really really really want to.
  • All my stuff is in boxes.
  • every.damn.day.

Update: I had this set up as OL (numbered list) but apparently, it doesn’t want to play that way. suck it.

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  1. Hi! Firstly, I love your scrapbook pages. They make me jealous because I don’t do nearly as artsy looking pages when I scrapbook. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Dailymile. I haven’t heard of it before I found your blog, and I decided to give it a try. The people there are so motivating and nice! It’s awesome to have that kind of motivation.
    Keep on keeping on your goals girl! I just turned 30 and am working on my own goals!

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