Help for my friends in Japan

This post is 100% off topic but 100% important.

Can you help me help my friends living in Japan?

All the information is on my website.

If you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, you might have noticed I recently changed my avatar to the image above. Why?

Well, my dear friend Amanda and her family are in Japan. Her husband is in the Navy and is stationed there right now. They aren’t in a mandatory evacuation area, but that time is likely coming soon. They live in Yokosuka, which is about about 90 minutes south of Tokyo.

Amanda, her husband and the girls are ok. They felt the earthquake and have felt all the aftershocks as well. They’re shaken but physically ok.

It is looking like they will be evacuating soon and may never return. They will be allowed 1 suitcase each on a return flight. They have made Japan their home and have established themselves there. And now, they may be ripped away from it.

I have been wracking my brain for a way to help. Right now, the way to help is with money. Unfortunately, I don’t have an excess of money laying around here.

They can mail things back to the US (for now) but the exchange rate is ridunkulous and there’s a limit of 2 boxes right now. It sounds like our government will get them back to the United States… but once they’re here, they’re on their own as far as lodging, travel, etc.

This is where you come in. Can you help me help my friends?

  • Effective now until 11:59 p.m. CDT Sunday, March 20th, I will personally give my entire NET sales of any product at my shop at Pink Ink Studios to Amanda and her family. This is NOT a tax deductible donation for me or purchase for you. But I can assure you that I will send her 100% of my NET sales. I know this is short notice and it is the weekend, but I want/need to get money to them quickly.
  • The other way you can help is by sending money via Paypal. $5, $10, $25, whatever you can spare… I will send 100% of this money to her as well. Just send the money via PayPal to Make sure you put in the memo that this is for Amanda’s family. Again, this is NOT a tax deductible donation. It is just a gift of love for my dear friends.
  • If you can’t help out financially, please spread the word and say some prayers for my friends. They need all the love and support we can give them.

In case this helps, here’s a picture of me and Amanda’s sweet daughter Haley in 2009. Cute kids get you every time, right?

Thanks for your consideration.


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  1. I’ll pray for them! I’d like to donate a small amount of money, but I’m not sure what charity to send it to. Does your friend have any recommendations?

  2. Sarah – I know that the Red Cross is doing a lot and I would recommend them. I’ve also updated this post with some information on how people can help my friends directly.

  3. Hi there! I am a friend of Amanda’s in Yokosuka. We have already been evacuated. I sent this info to Amanda via email but am also posting it here in case anyone else in the area needs it:

    1.) The Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society are granting people money if they cannot afford their lodging, etc.

    2.) The Red Cross in Yokosuka is also helping in any way they can. Anyone in the area are asked to contact NMCRS or the Red Cross there on the base for help.

    3.) All lodging, food, etc. is in the process of being reimbursed. Amanda or anyone who has already been evacuated will need to fax the letter of evacuation they received. If they need the fax number, they can email me & I will give it to them. While they will not have the money upfront, it is being reimbursed pretty quickly. They have not decided if they are giving everyone a set amount or if it will be based on the amount you spend. So keep all of the receipts just incase. Per Diem is kicking in quickly once you fax the evac letter. It needs to be the one on letter head, not the one that is part of the NEO Packet.

    4.) The Yen exchange rate will not effect people mailing out packages. Our post office on base is operated with American dollars, not Yen. And they have lifted the 2 package limit. My neighbor just mailed out 20 packages today with no problems.

    I have already left Japan so if Amanda needs anything Stateside, I’d be glad to do what I can. Also, my husband is still there & on shore duty so he can help Amanda out as well if she is still there. We live right behind her. Please pass this along to her incase she doesn’t get my email.


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