The one where I get asked out at the gym

I was asked out today while I was running at the gym. I’m dripping in sweat and this guy comes over and says “I see you girl” then fist bumps me. I’m like hey ok. Continue running. Then he comes back a few minutes later and asks me if I’m seeing anyone. I say no. He asks my name and puts his hand out to shake. I said “hey I’m Amy. Nice to meet you.” He says something like “I’ve never seen you around here before.” I told him I come all the time. Mind you, I’m STILL RUNNING at this point. I’m dripping in sweat, breathing heavy, etc. He asks for my number. I tell him no. He asks to give me his number and says his name is Donovan. I said, “Well maybe next time you see me we can talk more. I have to finish my run.”

So there’s the story of how Amy got hit on at the gym on Valentine’s Day and turned the guy down cuz she was too focused on her run.

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  1. I give Donovan a C- for style. Don’t interrupt someone’s workout. And maybe it’s a good idea to start off talking about something other than “can I have your number”–like maybe something about running, which she’s obviously into. I’d recommend “I just started running, got any tips for a noob?” Get her talking. Smile. Then maybe ask her out next time you see her.

    Disclaimer: Anyone who takes romantic advice from me is a stone cold idiot. 🙂

  2. Maybe I am a sap but I think it’s sweet that you got asked out on Valentine’s Day. Though, yeah, definitely agree that he should have waited until you were OFF the treadmill (maybe he figured you couldn’t run away this way) and actually have a conversation rather than just straight-up asking for your number. Was he cute?

  3. I think it’s cute and brave of him to talk to you at the gym! I agree with Scott that maybe he shouldn’t have jumped right to the number. Still, work it girl!

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