Weigh-In Wednesday: Welcome Back

I’m gonna be honest with y’all. I don’t even know what I weigh right now. My scale is whacked out. I always weigh myself 3 times just to make sure I’m not standing on it weird or anything (I weigh myself right when I wake up so I’m a zombie).

Well, today I had to weigh myself about 10 times because I kept getting such drastically different numbers. They ranged from 250.8 to 258.6. We’re gonna go with 256 for our purposes today. Mostly because the 255-258 numbers came up most often.

So, there you have it. I’ve gained about 10 pounds since August, but only a couple of them came in December, so when you think about it, I handled the holidays pretty well.

But, it’s time to fix what I undid this fall.

I am not upset by the weight gain, but am using it as motivation to kick ass this month in training and with my 31-day vegetarian challenge.

Speaking of which, things were going swimmingly until today. Mid-day I began to CRAVE a juicy hamburger with bacon. And BBQ. And Cheddar.

OMG are you salivating?

I got through the craving and tonight I made fajitas!

Day 5: Field Roast Fajitas

Happy hump day everyone. It’s almost over.

5 Replies to “Weigh-In Wednesday: Welcome Back”

  1. Hi Amy, be VERY CAREFUL with carbohydrates and soy products while doing the 31 days of Veg. I am not kidding about this. Get your protein from other types of beans and veggies. I gained pretty much all of my extra weight in my 5 years of being vegetarian due to all the excess sugar (wheats and processed carbs) and hormonal shifts caused by soy.

    I ate my first piece of chicken in 5 years tonight, LOL – so it’s kind of funny how you’re doing a veg thing right now. 🙂

  2. Thanks Nissa! I’ve only had the “fake meat” twice now… and the field roast was my favorite. The one I had last night was gross. I have to be careful about my soy intake because of my Thyroid problem so it’s something I’m very aware of! I’ve had some pinto beans this week and have plans for others soon!

  3. Hi Amy! Love the blog. So, so funny how you had 10 different weigh-ins. But it’s also so true – our weight can fluctuate like crazy! Hope you dont mind if I follow you on your journey! – Amanda

  4. Amy, I do the SAME thing with the scale! It’s one of those digital ones, and I just don’t trust it until I see a repeat number. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve stepped on the scale only once

    How’s the veggie kick?

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