Best coach of the year award goes to…

Anne. Annie. Bananza.

Whatever you call her, she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.

I had privately shared with her some of my struggles this fall, so she knew how hard it was for me to travel to Vegas for the race… only to not even start it.

After the race, we went out for a Vegas-style buffet.

She presented me with this:

Annie says that when she crossed the finish line, she asked for an extra medal for her friend who couldn’t do the race due to an injury. I freaking love this girl. (Although, part of me still wonders if it is really the medal SHE got for finishing the race… as she had told me the day before she was thinking of giving her medal to me… and if that’s the case, Annie, I will find out and this medal will find its way back into your possession).

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