I never thought I’d be so excited to buy spandex

I just bought these running tights last night… in size LARGE!!! Not X-LARGE… but LARGE!!! I bought spandex and was happy about it.

I remember at the Blarney run thinking, “My goodness, there is no way in hell I will ever wear spandex running tights like Sarah…” The plan was to someday wear running tights like her. I thought someday was years away.

Seven months later, I ecstatically purchased them.

My, how things change.

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  1. Amy! This is awesome! On the day of the Blarney run I remember saying, “No way in hell I’d ever have the balls to wear spandex pants.” I remember you saying, “I’ll wear them someday.”

    WOOO HOOO! You are amazing.

    P.S. I totally wear spandex now, too. 😉

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