Why do we do this to ourselves?


Due to some poor decision making on my part, I was feeling much less than 100% today.

Blame it on a wedding. Blame it on the free alcohol.  Blame it on the high heels. Blame it on the dancing. Blame it on the cowbell. Blame it on the singing and dancing on stage with The Love Monkeys.

Regardless of what to blame, I was kind of miserable today.

Then I tried to work out. I had to go so slowly because my toes/balls of my feet were so sore from last night. Remarkably my plantar fascia on my left foot held up beautifully. But the rest of my foot is in a lot of pain. Sooooo I decided I would try an ice soak. I started crying it hurt so bad.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we make bad decisions? Why do we push ourselves so far?

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