The pros and cons of losing weight

Pro: My clothes are getting too big
Con: My clothes are falling off

Pro: I have to buy new shoes regularly
Con: Running shoes are expensive

Pro: I’ve met some of the most amazing people who share my getting fit/staying fit aspirations
Con: I’ve lost or found some friends distancing themselves from me as I get fit

Pro: My health is improving (yay for no high blood pressure!)
Con: I’ll be paying off those medical bills for awhile

Pro: I get sick when I eat super fatty/fried/unhealthy foods
Con: I get sick when I eat super fatty/fried/unhealthy but tasty foods

Pro: I can finally start to purchase clothes in the regular women’s section/”normal-sized” person stores
Con: New clothes cost money

Pro: Working out is getting easier
Con: My trainer is going to up the ante

Pro: I want to soak up as much running/training/working out/fitness knowledge
Con: I don’t want it to consume my life

Pro: I don’t drink as much/as often anymore because of how it affects my training (BONUS: Saves me $$)
Con: Sometimes people give me a hard time when I don’t drink like I used to

Pro: My priorities in life are changing (for the better)
Con: I feel guilty about this

Pro: I am more self-aware now than I have ever been
Con: I can tell I gained some weight back without even stepping on the scale

Pro: People are starting to really notice/comment on my physical changes
Con: I don’t know how to respond. The compliments are awesome, but I’m just not used to getting them.

Pro: I’ve had a taste of what a happy runner is.
Con: Injuries. Setbacks. Sadsies.

Pro: My favorite Wisconsin T-shirt is too big for me.
Con: My favorite Wisconsin T-shirt is too big for me.

Pro: People ask me for fitness/working out advice.
Con: I feel very unqualified.

Pro: I can walk up flights of stairs without getting winded.
Con: There is no con for this.

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  1. Amy! I love this list. As someone that is equally as new as you to working out/getting healthier…I agree 100% with this list. So true So true So true.

    PS–people that don’t support you, don’t deserve to be in your life:)

    1. Katie, you’re right. The people who don’t support my new lifestyle don’t deserve me. I’m kind of a big deal. And they’re losing out. 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment.

  2. I know how you feel woman! I was so excited for the cold weather because I got to wear my cute knee high boots that I bought just last year. I’ve lost 40 lbs since then so far. I didn’t realize that my boots were going to slouch on me and look awful with my foot sliding around inside! FRUSTRATING!

    It’s annoying when some of your favorite clothes don’t fit anymore. I, luckily have some sewing skills to take things in when needed. I realize that not everybody has that skill and it can be frustrating. Don’t lose hope for your Wisconsin t-shirt and other favorite clothes. You can keep them in your wardrobe by taking them in. If you don’t know how- they usually have some classes at stores like Michaels, A C Moore, and Jo-ann Fabrics. Also, youtube has tons of how- to videos!

    I just wanted to let you know that though it’s exciting to lose weight, I understand the frustrations that you never really prepare yourself for. Good luck!

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