The great technology gap

Me & Dad

Me & Dad in Guatemala, 2008.

I must preface this post with the following:
  • I love my dad.
  • My dad cracks my shiz up.
  • My dad is generally tech/computer-savvy.
  • My dad always starts e-mails with “Dear Amy” and ends them with “Love, Dad.”
Today I was chatting on Google talk with my dad about some stuff he’s helping me sell on Craigslist. It made me remember how the first instant message conversation I ever had with him went (AOL IM FTW).
Me: hey dad, I’m coming home this weekend from school. Can you let mom know?
Dad: Dear Amy, That sounds like a plan. We will see you then. What time do you think you’ll get here? Love, Dad.
Me: um it’ll be after class and depending on traffic past chicago…. maybe after dinner ish?
Dad: Dear Amy: We will wait for you. Love, Dad.


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