This has to be a joke

My parents have asked us to go through all our boxes at their house to decide what we want to keep and what we’re ok getting rid of. As I worked my way through one of the boxes filled with trophies and breakables from my youth, I came across this:

I would like to note that this is how I wrapped up a bunch of ribbons from gradeschool… in protective paper and in a box with breakables. Hilarious. These are the athletic ones I found (there were also some science/art fair ones):

I would like to point out something here. There are five – count ’em – FIVE first place track and field ribbons. FIVE. Plus four second place and two third and one fifth.

Want to know what they’re all for? Well too bad if you don’t, because I am sooooo bragging about this right now.

Softball throw. I pretty much rocked at this.

Long jump.

Every single one of these is for running. YES RUNNING. What the heck?

Apparently, in 7th grade I did the 100 yard dash in 15:31.

Not too shabby at the 220 and 440…

And the 880 and I think the other one is a relay of some kind?

Now, these awards are from about 12-15 years ago, but it’s still cool to see that I did succeed at running at one point in my life. Oh, and before you get too impressed by these awards, I should point out to you that I went to a very small private gradeschool. Our track meet was with two other very small schools… so it’s not like I beat out a ton of people for these awards.

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