My First Session with John

My first full workout with John on Tuesday went really well. We did a bunch of circuits targeting my legs, arms, core, balance, coordination and cardio. By the end I struggled with some of the circuits but overall it was pretty good. There is no way in hell I could have done this five or six months ago. It’s amazing just how good it felt to have a good butt-kicking!

I told John that I want to do the Lakefront Marathon in 2011 and his face lit up. He was like a kid in a candy store. I kid you not, he was close to SQUEEEE-ing. 😉 He is so excited to help me train and kick some butt.

Sidenote: When he was stretching me out after the workout (legs mostly), I told him that despite my outward appearance, my legs were pretty flexible. When he started stretching out my hamstring he was amazed at my range of motion. I told him, “I told you I was good at yoga/pilates.” The best part was when he was stretching out my quads. I was face down on the floor and he was bending my feed up towards my butt. He said to tell him when it didn’t want to go further. Well, my heel got to my ass and I said “That’s good.” His response: “Holy sh!t you’re flexible.” This made me giggle. A lot.

Another thing John said today has stuck with me the rest of the night. He told me he sometimes wishes he would be in the situation I am in. He said he’s been fortunate to always have “this body.” The only real work he’s had to do is to bulk up and get bigger with muscles. He said he sometimes takes it for granted and he thinks I’m lucky because I am getting so much more out of my journey than people like him will. He said that he loves watching the transformation and how peoples’ lives change. And it’s true. Over the past 5-6 months, my whole outlook on life has changed. I’m more energetic, I’m more positive and hell, I can do 8 miles. 😉

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