Half Marathon: Looking for some guidance

Back when I said I was planning to do three half marathons this year, I hadn’t realized that #2 on my list was exactly 2 weeks after my first half marathon ever. For some reason, I thought there were 3-4 weeks between those dates.

So last week, I made the tough decision NOT to do the half marathon in Chicago with my friends.

But now, I’m not so sure.

I’m really struggling with this decision for a number of reasons:

  • If I did it, I would be a total badass
  • Will I be ready for a second half marathon in 2 weeks?
  • I know a BUNCH of people doing the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I wanna do it too.
  • While I’ve promised to be there to cheer, honestly, I will be sad if all I do is cheer. I want to race.
  • If I complete Chicago AND Vegas, I will get a HEAVY MEDAL from the Rock N Roll organization (See right). The Musical 26.2 miles medal is awarded to people who complete 2 half marathons in a calendar year. I’m not gonna lie. I want this medal. I want this medal REAL bad.
  • I could potentially affect my training for Vegas by jumping into another Half Marathon so soon.
  • Just because I probably COULD do it, SHOULD I do it?

I am seriously struggling with this people. Please share your pros/cons with me. I need to make the decision soon, because space is running out.

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  1. A couple things. Did you already pay for the race? If so, then just decide that day if you want to run. Case in point. I ran the Big Sur marathon (injured) and then two weeks later (last Saturday) had the Indy Mini. I decided the night before when I still couldn’t walk properly that it would not be smart to run and tear something, but I still went to Indy and hung out with friends.

    The nice thing about a half marathon is that they’re walker friendly. If you’re still pooped from the other half, you can walk part of it and not feel bad. Although you will likely have a slower time than your first half marathon which may suck b/c you always want to do better, but you have to be realistic.

    I know exactly how you feel though! I took on way too many runs this year and I just started running three years ago, but it it is so much fun! Good luck on your decision.

  2. Um, DO IT. Duh. I read your list and it’s clear that NOT doing it is not an option.

    Here’s what I say: After the first half, be very diligent about stretching etc. for the lead-up to Chicago; do NOT push yourself too much in the interval, focus on flexibility and core. Then in Chicago, be prepared to not break any personal records. You’ll be fine, I think.

  3. @Trish: I haven’t registered. It’s $100 to register, which is another reason I haven’t registered just yet.
    @Arun: Thanks for the feedback. My heart says DO IT, but my brain says DON’T. I’m barely running a mile right now, so my plan for napa in july is to run/walk… with the plan to run vegas. I just don’t want to screw that up by over-doing it, you know? I forgot about a 5k I have the week after my half. That should probably be my limit in post-race recovery. :/


  4. Amy, I’ll tell you this: When I trained for my full marathon (which was the first race I ever did), part of the training included back-to-back Saturday runs that were 12, 13 and 15 miles long! It was like doing 5 or 6 half-marathons leading up to a full.

    As long as you stick to your running schedule, the first half-marathon will feel like you’re actually training for the 2nd one. I’ve seen some schedules where they encourage you to run 15 a couple weeks before the half, just so the half seems like a breeze.

    I received my heavy medal after running Virginia Beach and Vegas last year, and it’s so rewarding to earn it.

  5. As someone who was sidelined for almost a full year with a raging case of plantar fascitiis from over training, my gut tells you not to run it. The money I spent in specialists, boots, inserts, new shoes and Aleve alone reminds me every time I try to overbook myself that there will always be another race, another time.

    But Patrick makes a valid point that it could fall nicely into your training schedule…but I think I’d probably run myself into the ground a lot harder in a race situation than I would if it were a 13 mile training run.

    Also, I just found out that I’ll probably have to work for someone that weekend, so I won’t be there! 🙁

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