I ran a mile today

So today I fell asleep when I got home from work, waking up around 3:45. I had acupuncture at 4:45 so I knew I was screwed as far as getting in 3 miles today.

So, I decided to make the time I had count. I changed into my workout gear and headed off to Bay View and parked across the street from my acupuncturist.

I started the garmin and off I went. I walked for about a quarter mile, and then started doing some running. I felt good, so I kept going, only stopping to walk for 30 second intervals. As I was nearing the 1 mile mark, my lungs were burning, but I was DETERMINED to finish that mile in less than 15 minutes.

I was talking to myself (yes, out loud) but I doubt anyone noticed. It was raining and no one was outside. I kept saying, “Do it… keep going… Amy just do this… one more block… to the next driveway… you can do it.”

And I did. Official split: 14:50. HOLLER!

My knees held up beautifully!!! Now, I just have to get my lungs in gear.

Baby steps.

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