Help me plan my workouts this week

I need some suggestions on getting the the rest of my training in this week.


  • Mon – active recovery (1mi easy walk, DONE)
  • Tues -3mi walk
  • Wed – 30 min crosstrain
  • Thurs – 3 mi run/walk
  • Fri – rest
  • Sat – 30 min cross train
  • Sun – 70 min fast walk (which I know is really going to be 6mi, so more like 90-100 min fast walk).


  • Sunday’s walk/run won’t be happening because I’ll be in Rockford cheering friends at the half/full marathon. I’m gonna count Sunday as a cross training day, as I’ll be walking all over to cheer my friends at different points of the race. So, do I swap Saturday/Sunday training?
  • I have a group workout planned for Friday, which will be approx. 4.3 miles of walking. Not sure of the pace just yet.
  • Ideally, I need to get approx 12-15 miles of walk/run in, with at least 1 long workout of 6 mi. I’d also like to get at least one 8mi bike ride in this week for crosstraining. And, I’d like to avoid the treadmill/stationary bike if possible.
  • Today is TUESDAY CRUNCH, which means for each $ donated here, I’ll do a crunch. That could potentially be my crosstraining, depending on today’s donations.

So, how should I rearrange my workouts this week to accommodate my schedule? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Switching Sat and Sun sounds like a good idea. Then maybe switch Thurs and Friday, so you rest Thursday and do your group 4-miler on Friday. Wednesday you could do your 8-mile bike ride for cross training. Walk 3 miles today and you’re a little over 13 miles walked for the week – right on target. May I also suggest you throw some strength training in there? Maybe on Thursday? It is so important in the long run for injury prevention (I learned the hard way). Good luck!

    1. @Alison: Excellent points Alison! I ended up only doing 1.5 mi today, so I’m gonna make that up another day. I have 93 crunches to do tonight, plus I think I’ll do some strength training while I watch the biggest loser. 😉

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