Going the distance

Today was the family and friends Team Challenge practice, so I invited my parents and sister to join me. It was so cool to have them there because I got the cork award today!!! The cork award is a necklace made of wine corks. There’s one for each week of training, and each week someone is chosen as the cork award winner… sometimes its for raising lots of moola, other times it’s for something training-related. Well, I got the cork award today because I’ve been faithfully coming to practices every week and I’ve been dedicated to following my training schedule. That was pretty freaking awesome. I got to write my grandma, uncle and aunt’s names on the cork (you’re supposed to write who you’re running for on your cork). The cork necklace will go with the team to Napa!

Anywho, the schedule called for 60 minutes today, but Anne decided to kick some butt. She had us do the 2-mile loop three times. Yikes. I mean, I needed a good kick in the pants this week, but wasn’t expecting 6 miles of it. I tried not to push too hard on my pace because I wanted to make sure I made it all 6 miles. I didn’t even try running today, although I probably could have for a few intervals here or there.

My parents told my sister and I to just go at my pace so we walked on ahead of them at my pace (which varied between 15-19 min miles according to my garmin). I knew there was no way my parents would do 3 loops, and figured they would do the first loop and then chill. They told us to walk at our normal pace and they’d see us at the end. Well, my parents ended up doing the loop twice! I’m so proud of them!

Overall, it was a pretty decent walk. I generally kept a good pace, even though it took me a while to warm up and feel comfortable walking at the speed I was walking.

It was such a beautiful day for some outdoor exercise, so I’m glad I got out there and owned those miles.

Lankle is doing much better now… but righty and lefty were not very happy after I got home from practice. They took a little beating today. I did a bunch of stretches, iced them and relaxed most of the afternoon, so I hope they chillax a bit. They bothered me a bit while I was walking today, but not that kind of “you need to stop right now” kind of pain. It’s funny how I can now tell the difference between my knees being whiny li’l babies and actually needing a break. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a different kind of pain. Whiny knees are just achy. But needing-a-break knees are painful. Right now they’re just whiny. 🙂

I got super cold again today after this workout, so I am totally understanding why they have those space blankets at races. I can’t seem to warm up, so I’m gonna hop in the shower and hope that does the trick.

I’m not wowed by my pace today, but this was my longest distance (non-bike) to date, so I’m pretty stoked about that. In just 10 weeks, I’ll be participating in the Wine Country Half Marathon. OMG.

BTW, I have got to give a shout-out to Coach Anne (@bananza to many of you). Even my sister saw how great she is with the walking team. She makes sure to spend time during the training run/walk to go at whatever our pace is and makes a point of talking to each of us. She even walked a good mile or so with my parents, which was pretty cool. It’s made quite the difference to have that kind of support and encouragement at practice. She makes sure we’re not alone. It’s pretty special. Ok, enough #lovefest. 😉

Deets for this workout: 6.12 mi / 1hr 46min / 17:16 pace

Longest. Non-biking. Distance. Ever.

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