I really didn’t think I was going that fast

For the past week, I watched the family dogs while everyone was in Minnesota visiting our extended family for my cousin’s confirmation (I had calendar complications i.e. I thought it was next weekend). 

I took the dogs on walks daily, occasionally doing 1-2 block running intervals. Usually, though, I felt “weighed down” by the dogs… like I could have gone faster if they weren’t with me. But, I cherish every minute I have with them (they are my babies).

Yesterday, I took them on a 4 mile walk. Our pace was by far not my best… but not my worst, either. I received the following e-mail from my dad tonight:


I can really tell that YOU have been “walking” the dogs at a much faster pace than me and Mom.  I took the dogs for a walk after supper and as soon as we went through the gate it was off to the races.  Or were they talking me for a walk?


Teehee. I really didn’t think we were walking that fast!

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