I’ve got the exercise bug

Today was weird.

I was feeling guilty for not working out yesterday (I was ill). So I vowed this morning to make up for it… and boy did I! I took a break around 9:30 this morning and walked 2 miles in 35 minutes. My pace for the half marathon in July has to be 15 min miles, so I’m getting close to that pace at short distances.

After work, I knew I couldn’t just skip working out all together because it’s been too long since I did any type of strength training. So, I walked the half mile or so to the gym, did upper and lower body strength training, plus some crunches and stretching.

It was about dinner time so I walked up to Whole Foods and made a giant salad. What a waste. I ate about half of it. Oh well. It was awesome.

After dinner, I walked back home (about 1.1 mi).

Workout totals for today:

  • Time: 1 hr 55 min
  • Distance: 4.38 mi
  • Weights: intervals: 25/15/10/25 with increasing x5lb for 2nd/3rd intervals then back to first weight for last 25. Leg Press, Hip abductor, Hip Adductor, Leg Curls, Leg extensions, Rowing, Chest press, pulldown and two other upper body machines I can’t remember the name for.

Holy. Crap.

Oh, and just for fun, here are before and after working out shots of me.

In the “before” image, I’m pointing at my cool fleece that has an ipod pocket on the left arm… complete with a hole for the earphones cord!

Gym humiliation: I’ll have what she’s having

We’ve all had them. A slip. A fall. A trip. A drop. An inopportune fart. A wardrobe malfunction. But when you’re at the gym, these embarrassing moments can be amplified in severity because you are surrounded by people you don’t know.

Check out my latest post over at FitMilwaukee.com. I promise you will laugh. If you don’t, well, you suck.

You have to visit FitMilwaukee to see my favorite story (titled I’ll have what she’s having)… but the one below is a close second:

Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket?

I was working out commando because it was laundry day. I wore cheap shorts that slide around a lot. I decided to do crunches on a balance ball. As I was sitting on it, I started to slip off the ball because of the slippery nylon shorts.
Because I was in the middle of my sets, I didn’t want to stop.
I failed to realize as I was sliding down the ball, the leg of my shorts was sliding up. Way up. Like ALL THE WAY up.
“Is it locker room cold in here or is it just me?”


Weigh In Wednesday: Holy Inches Batman!

Today started as a rather crappy Wednesday. I weighed in at 265, up .2 from last week. I know .2 is nothing at all… but it’s frustrating after seeing that 263.6 two weeks ago, almost 11 lbs lost… to now seeing exactly where I was 2 weeks ago.

I tried to look at the positives, the non-scale victories (NSVs). I feel better. I have more energy. My pants fall off all the time. But then there were the negatives glaring me in the face: You gained 1.5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. What the hell? Why did you make those poor food choices? Did you really need that extra piece of cake? (sidenote: cake was awesome. See?) Did you really need to skip working out three days in a row?

I don’t have good answers for those questions. I screwed up. I keep trying to stay positive but it’s been hard. I’ve wanted to give up. Finally admitting that I need to stop trying to run was a huge emotional blow.

You know what helped me see that weight loss and getting healthy is more than just what you see on the scale?

This post from my friend Anne:

It’s just a number, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it. I had to quit the scale like I quit smoking, drinking, Red Bull (well not anymore, I had some last weekend). It’s easier just to never do it. Once I step on I may be sucked into that world of weighing multiple times a day. I remember some of the tricks I used to play with the scale:

  • Step on the scale first thing in the morning. Pee. Step on again.
  • Stand with my feet to the outsides of the scale to see if that changed my number.
  • Weigh myself with just my underwear on. Then naked.
  • Hold my breath.
  • Worry about the number allllll day.
  • It’s too high – skip breakfast.
  • It’s low – skip breakfast. Or celebrate with a huge breakfast. Or ice cream.
  • I don’t like the number. Don’t eat all day? Or at least set out with that intention and end up binging.
  • Weigh myself at home and then again at the gym.
  • Weigh myself every time I go into the bathroom.
  • Fret over a loss or gain of .2 and not understand why people laughed at me when I told them about it.
  • Search my brain for justification of why the number was too high. The cookies the other day? Salty dinner last night? I drank too much water? Too little water?

All in all it just became too much. I’ve got issues, sure. But I am hyper-self-aware and I knew this was all unhealthy and taking a toll on me. (By the way, I certainly don’t punish myself with starvation anymore.)

This morning when I weighed myself, I can honestly tell you that the majority of the bullet points above were things I either did or considered doing.

Wake. Up. Call.

I can’t keep focuses on the scale numbers. There are so many other ways to measure success.

The mirror is another way I obsess. Some days it says I’m fat. Sometimes I tell it “Don’t talk about me like that! Would you say that to someone you love?” And sometimes I don’t fight back at all. Those are the days when I try on 6 outfits and hate all 6. Tom calls it closet puke. He’s knows I’m having a bad self-image day when he comes home to see clothes strewn all over the place.

But some days, like today, I feel on top of the world.

{…}I put on a new set of pretties this morning and really looked at myself. My legs look toned, my arms are (dare I say) better than Michelle Obama’s, and I can see just a little tiny bit of muscle definition in my midsection. I’ve made some amazing changes. Can I just be happy with that?

Today, yes I can. I am happy with my progress. I am happy with myself. And at least for right now, it doesn’t matter how much I weigh. I looked in the mirror and saw myself, my progress, my own face, my own skin.

And I liked it. (link)

Here is how I measured success this week without using the scale. I lost 7.25 inches in the past 4 weeks, with a total of 12.75 inches lost in 8 weeks.

Oh. Mah. Gawd.

Holler at ya girl.

March 3, 2010: Weight: 265.0 | Neck: 14.25 | Bust: 47 | Below Bust: 40 | R bicep: 15.25 | L bicep: 15.25 | Waist: 45.25 | Hips: 51.5 | R thigh: 29 | L thigh: 29.25 | R calf: 18 | L calf: 18.25 | L knee: 18 | R knee: 18 | total -9.2 lbs | total -12.75 inches

I have now lost 2.5 inches of boobs. If I lost that kind of rate in the gut and bootay regions I’d be happy. Hey body, let’s lose in a uniform pace, mmmkay?

Stopping but not giving up.

I am coming to the realization that I need to stop trying to run right now. This hurts to type. I am on the verge of tears. I just don’t think I can take the mental anguish over trying and not being able to keep up with my #c25k training.

I’m not giving up forever, just going to take it off the ol’ “do asap” goal list for now. It’s back on the “do this year” goal list. I *hate* that I am stopping but I know it is what I have to do for righty.

I’m afraid that if I keep pushing the running, I will screw things up for the half marathon in July. So now I will focus on logging bigger distances in walking, and getting my walking pace below 15min miles.

I got the Team Challenge training plan which starts up at the end of March. I’ve been looking at the walking plan and the run/walk plan and I just don’t see myself being at the point to do the run/walk plan in 4 weeks. I want to keep pushing myself, but I think I need to start being realistic. I am raising money for a cause dear to my heart. No one will judge me if I walk instead of run (and if they do, I’ll kick them in the baby maker). I need to keep trying to stay positive. My plan from the start was to walk.

I know I’m not a 140lb girl. My knees take a huge beating from my 263 lb frame when I run or do high-impact activities. Time to slow it down and work hard at losing bulk to make running easier in the future.

Time to rework my training plan for March.

PS: I am still doing the Brown Deer 5k in April. I will walk it.