The one with the dog attack

Today was the most bizarre day of my life. First, I got to spend the afternoon with Danny Gokey, taking photos while he had a photo shoot and then shot a commercial for Wisconsin Vision… (see the pix here).

It ended up being almost an 11-hour workday. Whatevs, it happens. So then, I headed off to West Allis to have dinner with my parents and get my walk in for my half marathon training.

I changed into my workout gear and suited the dogs up in their harnesses and leashes and we were off. We kept a good pace going and even ran for a bit (which they LOVED). They were behaving so well. I was so proud of them. And then, it happened.

We were about 2/3 of a mile into the walk and this little french bulldog came barreling out of a house towards my dogs. He sort of tried to smell them and then he went right after Bandit. He had Bandit’s entire lower jaw IN HIS MOUTH. So of course, I’m FREAKING OUT trying to get Bandit out of his grip and keeping Gizmo from beating the shit out of this dog. Seriously, Gizmo looked like he was out to kill. All the while the owner just stood by the garage calling for the dog to come over. Finally I looked up at her and said, “would you come get your damn dog? He’s eating my Bandit!!!” It took both of us to get Bandit out of his grip. I have the battle wounds to prove it. I checked Bandit over and he wasn’t bleeding or anything so I grabbed him up and headed back home. And then I lost it. I called my dad to come meet us. I was sobbing uncontrollably for a few blocks on 84th street just south of Lincoln. My arm hurt so I pushed up my sleeve and I saw a pretty gross looking tooth mark but wasn’t really worried about me.

I sat on the sidewalk and cried and tried to tweet what happened (see above). My hands were shaking so much and my heart was racing (at least I got a decent heart rate going on my walk, right?). My parents came and then my mom took the dogs and my dad walked back with me to the house to get the owner’s info. The dog is fully vetted and she’s going to send me the paperwork to prove it tomorrow. The owner had the BALLS to ask me how I knew it was HER dog that bit me. I replied, “BECAUSE YOUR DOG HAD MY DOG IN HIS MOUTH.” Bitch.

I don’t need stitches or anything so I’m not calling the cops. If Bandit would have been bleeding or I needed stitches, I so would have busted her butt for the incident.

Hopefully tomorrow’s workout will be less eventful.

oh, so after this all happened, I cleaned up my wounds, my parents took me to Subway (we WERE going to grill chicken)… and then I went to Rodiez’s Running Store for a shoe clinic with Team Challenge. As I was headed home I got the most amazing phone call. My aunt is on the way to Mayo Clinic. They found her a liver!!! EEEEEK! Our prayers have been answered!

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  1. I was out walking with my niece and nephew in a stroller one day when a bulldog came up and was growling at my nephew who was a ~2 at the time. I kept moving the stroller away from the dog but the dog kept going up to it and growling. I put myself in between the stroller and the dog and was trying to walk away when it bit me in the leg. I screamed out and ran to my sister’s house. It was so scary. The bite went through my jeans and I had a puncture wound in my leg. I, to this day (my nephew is now 7), tell my nephew that I saved his face and if he has a career using his looks, I need to see some royalty from it. Haha!

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