Sleep Study: The results

Last week I got the results from my sleep study and I just realized that I never updated y’all on what happened. As you see above, I took a few pictures when I was at the Sleep Wellness Institute.

  1. The morning after. Gentlemen, eat your hearts out. (PS I’m wearing a Teecycle shirt!)
  2. The bed.
  3. The monitor. Each one of those li’l circles had a cord plugged into it and the other end was somewhere on my face, head, chest, or legs.
  4. Sleep number bed controls
  5. Eagle Eye

The study was fine I guess. I was treated nicely by the sleep tech… it was just weird to have all those cords on me and to have someone watching me sleep all night long. Apparently I only went into REM sleep once, which isn’t surprising because it was so hard to try to sleep. I kept waking up! Because of all the goop on my face/scalp, I ended up washing my hair almost 10 times before I was free of the goop.

Last week I got a call from my doctor’s office with the results. I only had a few “apneas” during the night… and was told that it doesn’t need to be treated!!! Basically, I have what I’ll call “baby apnea” and Dr. H says if I lose another 10 pounds it won’t be a problem at all!  WOOHOO!

I’m very happy that I don’t have sleep apnea – No need for a CPAP machine!!! EEEK!!!!

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