I can’t be the only one…

I ask this question in all sincerity.

Do y’all fart when you’re working out? For some reason, when I’m working out, gas seems to work itself out of my body. I’m completely serious people. I beg you to be honest if you post a comment. And don’t give me any of that “I’m a woman and I never fart” bullcrap. We all fart. It’s nature. Also, farts are funny. I am a 27-year-old woman, but I still think farts are hilarious. I giggle like a kid, no lie.

For some reason, whenever I’m doing cardio (walking, jogging, elliptical, whatever), I can’t help but fart. They’re not very smelly farts. They’re not noisy farts. They’re regular farts. A one-gun salute. The trouser cough. A bottom burp.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one:

  • When you are running, you are using your efforts toward the running process, and, in addition to that, your digestion is being “helped along” by the exercise, so any gas in your system is moving along with great speed. It would be more difficult to suppress gas while running, as you can guess. (yahoo)
  • “Running makes me fart.” (Runner’s World)
  • “To tell you the truth…every run I fart.”  (Runner’s World)
  • “When I’m alone I don’t even try to hold it in.  Sometimes a little fart escapes on every 5 or 6 straight strides.” (Runner’s World)
  • “Farting while running is the best time to fart because you’ll never smell it (unless you’re on a treadmill or running with a strong tailwind).” (Runner’s World)
  • “You mean there are people that don’t fart when they run?  Or just don’t admit it?” (BeginnerTriathlete)
  • “I get the running farts a lot, but it seems to be the worst if I run at the gym on the treadmill.” (BeginnerTriathlete)
  • “I get the farts really bad whenever I run.” (BeginnerTriathlete)

I did some Internet research (yes, I spent almost an hour googling fart, fart machine, fart euphemisms, etc) and here are some fart facts:

  • It’s normal to fart 12 – 40 times per day, emitting between 0.5 and two liters of gas. You should only worry if you fart significantly more than this.
  • Farts contain gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen sulphide. These gases are produced by bacteria that live in the digestive system and break down food into nutrients that the body can absorb.
  • There’s a company that makes special underwear, designed to reduce the smell of farts. NO JOKE. THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT.
  • Source: Uncensored English Vocabulary, Wikipedia

I’m not one to hold in a fart. That’s just an embarrassing moment waiting to happen. Now, I know that holding in a fart could be dangerous, “It’s tempting to hold in your farts to avoid embarrassment in social settings. But if you hold your farts in for too long, the gas can be absorbed in the blood stream and then exhaled as a bad breath” (Uncensored English Vocabulary).

So there you have it. I fart when I work out. Do you?

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  1. Running always seemed to speed things along the ol’ digestive train for me. Definitely, yes. I always figured it was just because my guts were bouncing up and down so vigorously.

    1. I fart a lot when I run and even more when I play squash… must be the squatting position that eases them out.
      Anyway, I have recently started going for runs in the morning. I literally get up, have maybe a banana and then get on the treadmill and I don’t seem to fart at all!
      Definitely worth a try if you don’t want to blow your guts out at a gym when you run!

      Just thought i’d share 🙂

    2. I typically fart 40-50 times on a run. For me though they come in bursts ranging from 5-10 farts consecutively every stride. I run with my team and everyone is used to it and doesn’t care… except for one kid. If I try to hold them in the pressure builds and leads to cramps. I’m glad to hear other people have this problem because I never hear other people fart on runs.

      1. Roger, I’ve quickly come to learn that farting is a normal part of exercising. It’s just one of those things people don’t talk about.

  2. Funny topic! You’re not alone. I usually get a tummyache after a tough run… But ask Rochelle and Tracey, I have farted on a run and claimed “Runner’s code”! Haha! And Mark Remy has an entire page devoted to the rules of farting in The Runners Rule Book!

  3. You’re so funny. And “fawts” are funny too. When I told people I was going to start Yoga classes, immediate response was…”oh, I hear you fart alot in Yoga”. Well, that didn’t make me too crazy about what was in store for me. Luckily, I have not done a “toot salute” in any of my yoga practices and actually haven’t heard anyone else either. I also remember a friend in grade school, who I always partnered up with in gym class, farted EVERYTIME she did a sit-up and I was the one who had to hold her feet down! We giggled like crazy…

  4. whew! So glad it’s not just me! @Anne: I am so going to use “runner’s code!” And I have to get a copy of that book, especially if there is a page about farting.

    @Kay: I fart during yoga. Luckily, they’re not audible at the class. At home, I could care less so I let ‘er rip.

  5. I teach an abs class at the Y and last week a girl in the front row let one out. I felt embarassed for her but she started cracking up so I just continued….

  6. I was just googoling the topic and eureka! I am glad I am not the only one,I thought I wasn’t normal by doing it.I even poop afer a few minutes on the treadmill,lol
    My farts are loud and very stinky! (sorry for the details)
    I think I’ll keep checking this site!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. I run therefore I fart. I am so glad I am not alone!! I never let out a fart but I could not control it while running. I will run alone. LOL

  8. Yes, it must be normal, the higher the incline on the treadmill, the more I fart…lol… my husband gets mad at me, but I cannot help it!!

  9. Omg this is so awesome. i dont really run but I have been working out really hard six days a week to cardio dvds and i found that the more I sweat and the harder I worked out, the more I farted. At first I thought it was from the jumping up and down as well, but then I got worried about my stomach. Its good to know I am not the only one. They are slightly hilarious when they are loud and quick.

  10. This is all quite funny! When I first started using a treadmill I never farted. I had a break from using the treadmill, but now I’m running on the it again and I’m suddenly breaking out a fart every minute! It does feel good though. It’s like when you drink herbal tea and you can feel it cleansing your insides.

  11. Yes, I fart while I hike. I don’t mean to it just comes out. I’ve been working out and taking intestflora to have healthy bacteria. Phew i thought i was the only one with so much gas! lol

  12. I bought a treadmill for my home so when I work out, I can belch and fart all I want. I let it fly…the stinkier the better. Sometimes while I’m running I release some good, loud, long but-cheek flapping farts which comes out with such force it would reduce anyone running behind to tears…Wooooo!!!! Benjamin Franklin even said, “Fart Proudly.”

  13. For the record, i was searching on this on google. because i wondered why i fart every time i exercise. well nice to know some facts.

  14. I too found this site because I googled “why do I fart a lot while running”! Haha love it. I never thought it was abnormal, but so glad to know this is as interesting to others as it is myself! 🙂 Happy Toots!

  15. I am so happy I am not alone. I am afraid one day someone will be walking next to the treadmill and hear one say something. I get so embarrassed when it happens but you just cant help or do anything about it.

  16. I found this site on google too. I just got off the treadmill and they were coming out left and right. I let one go all the time when working out. I let go a very loud one during exercise class one day and needless to say I never admited that it was me. I also let go a quiet bomb while running in exercise class the last time i went. I left a permanent mark in that spot. I haven’t worked up the nerves to go back after that. I workout at home by myself now where I can let them go with no worries.

  17. Hi Amy. Just found this in a search. Great topic. I have the stinkiest, raunchiest farts when I run. It must be because all the crap I have built up is being disturbed. It’s nice that I am releasing them but why can’t I just get normal farts that don’t wreak so much? Ok I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

    1. haha dude i have the same problem!
      i never thought anybody would have nasty farts like i do. maybe we should have a smelling contest haha. i bet i would beat you though, i got a whole list of weird smelling and weird sounding farts. you know, some smell like eggs some smell like coffee, some broccoli, some just stagnant kinda like cardboard or something. sometimes even when i hold them in they escape. those sly bastards.

  18. Today was 1st time i farted in the gym. I was doping decline crunches. It was quite loud but I didnt smell a thing. One of my most embarrassing moments in my life….

  19. ha ha
    i fart while doing cardio , or zumba (which is why i bought the videos and dont go to the classes)
    and while i’m on the elliptical
    so glad i’m not the only one

  20. Omg. I fart on the elliptical just a little bit almost every time. I’ve decided if anyone ever says something, I’m going to tell them it makes me go faster.

    1. OMG, I’m dying right now. I’m fart all the time on the eliptical, sometimes I take my headphones out to see if it’s loud. I’m craked up at the telling people it makes you go faster comment.

  21. hahahahah apparently I just joined the club of people who fart while working out! And I totally ended up here because I googled “farting during exercise”.
    I’m so embarrassed. I think it’s from the shake i usually have in the morning and my dairy breakfast 🙂

  22. Thank you, I have the same problem and I thought I was crazy. My friends say they pee a little but I always get the farts when I exercise.

  23. I too, fart while exercising a lot more while i am running.. to funny. . Im not embarrassed though because the last time one worked loose that i couldn’t control i realized everyone had their head phones on anyway.

    I stopped caring but if i know they are especially foul i will go outside and let er rip. It hurts more to hold them in, now that I have cut down my soda intake I fart alot less. All that carbonation.. oh and gum chewing.. that makes you fart and since i like to chew while i run to keep my mouth moist im sure i will keep playing my but trumpet while i work out.

  24. I was in the gym with two of my friends a while ago and there were two guys exercising as well. I was doing crunches and I let a big one out. My friends both giggled but it was a bit embarrassing as there were guys. But then again, it just burst out without me realizing it was coming and couldn’t help it. Hahaha! Good thing it didn’t smell bad.

  25. I’m a gymnast and often finding myself needing to fart during vaulting, trampette, trampolining etc. My solution is usually to quietly let it out before I begin a move, but recently I was halfway across the trampoline when one snuck out. I messed up my move and lay there in embarrassment, but the only comment was ‘did you forget what you were doing?’ so I hope they didn’t hear me! Otherwise they’re just polite and didn’t mention it.

  26. Omg! I am so glad I’m not alone!! I also found you (your blog) when I googled about farting when I run or power walk! Ha!

    This is a rather embarrassing topic…..

    so, my daughter and I walked the track tonight and I crop dusted lol…she just walked faster and wanted to die of embarrassment since there were high school boys her age playing soccer lol!

    Oh well…don’t want to hold them in then have crap breath as mentioned in your article lol!

  27. I attend a training class M-R…I normally wait until we go for a lap and let them go….but one time we were doing reverse planks on the ground and as my legs went down a bunch came out that I didn’t even know. I was so embarassed but the group was switching to the other room as it happened. I don’t know if anyone heard, but they were pretty loud! I just played it off….no one said anything so okay. I’m still embarassed it happened!!!

  28. I was a sprinter growing up and I farted every race basically that I’ve ever run in . I still fart no matter what when I’m doing anything physical lol it makes me feel better so who cares everyone farts its the sharts you have to be careful of !

  29. I’m a 3rd Dan Kyukshin Student. I have farted since the beginning if my training, since day 1 i always farts whenever i am on my katas, so???.
    Dude we are all human not machines!.
    nice forum.

  30. yeah man my farts arent a one gun salute theyre more like either nuclear fusion in my bunghole (REALLY stinky and embarassing, practically fumes the whole room) or silent and also stinky as hell. and im a 17 year old girl. it sucks cause no matter what i eat i always end up letting it rip gungho around the people im exercising with. and it sucks even more cause theyre always dudes who expect me to be super clean and non-stinky. i think its cause of how i eat though, i always ate too fast cause i live with my dad and my brother and theyre always shovin their pieholes. i guess ill just have to not eat on the days i work out. no regrets 🙁

  31. I seem to ALWAYS fart – always the stinky ones, which is why I try to work out at night before bed so my husband gets to enjoy them too. Always have been like this – and I do giggle in bed every time one comes loose.

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