Fit Milwaukee: Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Thin

Anne and Tracey (the fabulous ladies who run asked me to join the team as a guest blogger! I was so incredibly honored they asked me to contribute. My blogs at Fit Milwaukee will likely focus on my journey to becoming “fit” and stepping out of my comfort zone. I may also discuss how my thyroid condition affects my journey.

My first post was published this morning, so you should go check it out! Stay tuned for more posts from me.

Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Thin

This year I committed to living a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t been “fit” by conventional means for years. I’m fat. I weigh 265 pounds. I have health problems beyond belief. But I refuse to bow to the easy way out. I’m not giving up anymore. I’m taking charge of my life. I am FIT – Fabulous In Training. To me, being fit is more than just your outward appearance. It’s your actions. It’s taking charge.

If you’re overweight like me, you shouldn’t be afraid of exercising or eating better. We’re all going to slip and fall… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick yourself back up. Just stepping out of your comfort zone will get you on your way to being fit.

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