A not so restful night’s sleep

Tuesday night I was forced to had the pleasure of bringing home an apnea link device to wear while sleeping. As you can tell, I was not happy about this:

The whole contraption was awkward. I had a pulsox thingamabob on my finger and then the stupid nasal prongs digging into my nose. Tuesday was NOT a good night. I hardly slept at all because I had the apnealink device strapped to my chest… plus the chords… just not cool AT all. Supposedly I’ll hear in the next week or two if I need to do a sleep study or not. I can’t wait. Ugh. :/ Here’s a li’l video I took Tuesday night after I had the device all set up.

By the way, I know you’re all jealous of how beautiful I look in the above photo and the video below. Gentlemen, eat your hearts out.

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