One size does not fit all

I decided to get a knee brace to help support my knee when I work out. I went to Walgreens and there were a few options. The “sleeve” looking ones looked like they would cut off circulation to my calves so I opted to purchase the adjustable one. The box said “One Size” … as in “One size fits all.” I think it would fit my elbow. NOT my knee.

Are there options out there for people with fat thighs and fat calves? If anyone needs knee support, it’s people like me who weigh 267 pounds. That’s a lot of stress on the ol’ knee.


Target’s options weren’t any better. I bought some ace bandages, hoping they would give me good support when I go for walks or do cardio… but I really want a brace or other type of support. Any suggestions?

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  1. Talk to the pharmacist,, sometimes they can order braces for you. That’s what I have to do. As to the larger issue, companies try to aim at the middle; that’s where the money is.

  2. Try Dick’s or MC Sports or another sporting goods store. We’ve had the same problem in reverse for #1 with her knee and tumbling. She’s the size of a toothpick but we found an XXS.

  3. I just had the exact same problem. Bought and returned five different knee support / brace contraptions that either cut off my circulation and/or altogether didn’t fit correctly. Finally found one today at a Walmart Supercenter that came in Queen size. It’s a sleeve-type “light support” but is doing the trick so far.

    Good luck with your search. So frustrating, I know. –JM

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