Kicking my own bootay

I’ll write a full blog about today later, but I just wanted to share this li’l diddy.

Today I walked for 2 hours straight on a treadmill. I walked 5.6 miles at a 3.0-3.5 pace except for my cooldown (last 5 min). According to DailyMile, I burned 959 calories.

Hells yeah.

Me, @roclobster & @bananza

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  1. Way to go – 2 hours of anything is AWESOME! I was once volunteering – giving out medals at the San Antonio marathon – and I praised the winning Kenyan on his 2ish hour finish. He told me that he was in awe of me running sub-5ish hour marathons, saying he would never do ANYTHING for that long! It was a compliment – no matter the speed, the mental toughness is in the duration!

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