Weekend away not so great for the new me

I got back from visiting my friend Holly in St. Louis late last night. I had a great time catching up with her and all my STL friends, but the weekend was not necessarily kind to my new lifestyle.

I tried to eat as healthy as I could (getting a salad instead of fries, a grande latte instead of a venti, etc), but I still made some poor choices. I was on vaca though, so I get a free pass, right? Right?

So I’m home now and working on my food/exercise plan. I’m hoping to join a gym this week and today I spent a small fortune on veggies and other healthy goodness from Whole Foods.

Here are some of my ideas…

  • Go vegetarian or vegan approximately 1/3 of every month (just to switch things up a bit)
  • Eat mostly organic or natural foods (no artificial fillers, preservatives or other yuck)
  • No more fast food
  • Cut back on eating out
  • Pack lunch the night before
  • Meal plan a week at a time
  • Make better choices
  • Still enjoy my favorite foods, just less of them (PORTION CONTROL)
  • Continue drinking lots of water
  • Do yoga with my #fitmke #wlc buddy at least twice a month
  • Go to the gym 2-3 times a week (working up to 4-5x/week by April 15)
  • Workout with a partner 1-2x/week
  • Try some workout dvds (yoga, pilates, 30 day shred)
  • Run a 5k in 2010 (RUN… not walk)
  • Keep a food diary and work hard to have a balanced diet
  • Buy new gym shoes and workout clothes
  • Not be afraid of the scale… which means I need to change the batteries.

I’ve also joined DailyMile… you can follow me here. I tried SparkPeople but I think it might be too much for me to keep up on.

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  1. If you can’t enjoy yourself on vacay, what’s the point. Of course, I’m enjoying things too much during this furlough! LOL!

  2. Ugh, dieting on vacation is so hard! Especially if it’s right at the beginning of your new plan. I’m glad that you didn’t let it discourage you too much and it looks like you have a great list of ideas and goals. I think one of the best things on the list is “Meal plan a week at a time.” If you know what you are going to be cooking and you already have all the ingredients and stuff at home it makes it so much easier. Good luck this week. 🙂

  3. Baby steps, baby steps. Don’t burn yourself out. Portion control is deffo a HUGE deal… Just following the actual serving size on the package is a lot. Put it in a bowl and put the package away. I can point you toward some veg eating.
    Glad you enjoyed St. Louis, would have liked to have caught up with you. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  4. Lifelong struggle with weightcreep. I’m pushing 61 and weigh 275. Aside from my love affair with my refrigerator, I’m still obsessively-compulsive about working out. I alternate the treadmill with outside bicycling. (OK I live in the Deep South). Knowing full well that there are NO FAT OLD MEN, you’d think I’d get back on that South Beach Diet Train? Not yet. 3000 miles per year on a bike may mitigate some of the fallout of obesity but won’t keep me from an early grave. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe tomorrow?

  5. Vacation? Hell, I often make bad choices on any given WEEKEND. Buck up. You can’t be perfect. That’s no way to live.

    I once went vegetarian for a few months. Just to see. I felt good. Don’t know if I lost any weight, but I felt good. And I felt different. Even the spit in my mouth felt different. Very strange. I sometimes think maybe I’ll do it again. Cleansing, as it were.

  6. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! Steph, sorry I didn’t get to see you… didn’t get to do a lot of what we planned because of Holly’s open house. We did so much work and then were exhausted!

    My sister is going vegetarian this month and we were talking about it all… and that approximately half the week I don’t eat meat… so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to do it from time to time… I just could never ever give up my steaks! 🙂 I do try to only eat free range chicken and pretty much only get meat from Whole Foods…

  7. I’d be down to be your virtual training buddy for the 5k! We could tweet at each other when we finish the workout or something.
    Tellin’ ya, that C25K is a great way to get there! It is difficult but you feel great when you are running a long distance that you didn’t think you could make!

    1. Jamie- I will definitely need a virtual training buddy! I’m not ready to start training for a 5k just yet. The simple fact that I’m working out right now is a huge step in the right direction.

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