How did I just realize this?

I bought my winter coat last year during an after winter clearance sale. It was a steal at $13.

Well I just had a li’l punch to the gut.

Imagine my surprise to see it is a maternity coat. Shiz. No wonder it fits so nicely. Omg. I am sitting at the airport right now both mortified and highly amused.

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  1. I have done this! Now, I just don’t look at tags anymore, whether it’s because of size or whatever reason. You got a great deal on that coat! No reason to be mortified. It is just a little bit funny though. 🙂

  2. #fitmke That is HILARIOUS!!! No need to be mortified, you just wanted a comfy coat for the “2009 Amy”. Watch out for “2010 Amy”!

  3. Awww that is too funny!! I will admit to trying on maternity dresses at Target though…cause they are super cute and comfy for a chubby midsection!! LOL
    Whatever, if it’s cute then wear it!! I agree with Anne!

  4. LOL! It’s the same with sizes… I don’t care what size I wear, it has to be comfy and look good. And unless you tell someone, no one knows.

    Look at it this way… at least they make cute maternity clothes!

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