Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Alfredo

Last night I made the most amazing meal. It wasn’t SUPER healthy, but it wasn’t SUPER unhealthy either.

To repeat this fabulous meal, this is what you’ll need:

Pasta, milk, cider vinegar, butter, chicken and the following Wildtree goodies: Buffalo Wing Marinade, Natural Grapeseed Oil and Alfredo Extraordinaire. (you can click on the links to view the products on my Wildtree site. For nutritional info, click the product profile card link on each page).

First thing’s first: Line a pan with foil.

Next, get your chicken marinating. I mixed about 1/2 cup of the cider vinegar with 1/4 cup of grapeseed oil and 1 TBSP of the Buffalo Wing Marinade. (I made a half recipe).

Mix it up good then add your chicken. Then put it aside for at least 20 min. For more flavor, prepare this the night before and let it marinade all night in the fridge.

Now you should start getting your water boiling for the pasta. Sorry, no photo because after I did the chicken, I forgot to take pics until the end. Deal.

At this point, stick the chicken in the oven at 400. I think I cooked them 15-20 min a side.

Once the water is boiling, add your pasta and cook according to the directions on the package. Then, get a little saucepan and prep the Alfredo. Depending on how many servings you need (or how thick you like the sauce), adjust the recipe on the package. Melt the butter, add milk and then add the mix, stirring until completely mixed and the sauce is full of creamy goodness.

Drain your pasta, throw it in a bowl, top with some alfredo and then… OMG add the chicken. It’ll look something like this and it will taste HEAVENLY.

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Representative for Wildtree. But I can assure you, even if I didn’t sell the stuff, I would be eating it all the time. I <3 my discount.

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