Fit Milwaukee Weight Loss Challenge

Later this week, I’ll be measured and weighed by a trainer from WAC as part of the Fit Milwaukee Weight Loss Challenge. Can you say heart attack? YAY!

I am totally freaking out about it, even though I obviously need to know where I stand… (which is ginormous, so bleh). It needs to be done. I had a physical in December (where I found out about my current health problems) so I know about where I stand weight-wise… just not with the measurements. Luckily, my weight was about 10 lbs or so lower than my highest weight ever (a number I hope I NEVER EVER see again… unless it’s from a slot machine).

I haven’t decided if I want to post the numbers here or not. I’m leading towards yes, as mortifying as that will be. It’s all about accountability.

As for health goals… I plan to give myself little goals along the weigh way along with rewards such as new clothes, a new book, new workout attire and the occasional splurge. Let’s be honest. When you lose weight, you want to reward yourself with a 1500 calorie piece of cheesecake. Am I right people? Be honest and I know you’ll agree. Unless you’re one of those skinny beyotches. And in that case, you can stick it.

I plan to mark the following milestones:

  • weight loss in intervals of 5
  • % of weight loss in intervals of 5
  • inches lost (combined)

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  1. Just catching up with your journey & you’re doing great! I wanted to say I’m totally with you with the 1500-calorie-cheesecake-weight-loss-reward. I’ve done it (many times) myself (like yesterday, for instance).

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing your successes & how you handle the bumps along the way. I am working on losing about 40 pounds. Seeing your journey will help me with mine & for that I say THANK YOU. And YOU’RE BRAVE! to share your journey with so many.

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