Weigh In Wednesday: Tuesday edition

I wanted to know what I was in for when I weighed in tomorrow morning. So, tonight when I was changing into my pj’s, I stepped on the scale. Imagine my surprise when I saw something there I haven’t seen in at least a year or two (probably more).

I saw…


Say what?!?

I’m in the 240’s?! Hallelujah! Let’s take a moment to savor this moment.

I have lost a total of 24.4 pounds since I began this journey way back when (January 6, 2010).

Additionally, I have lost a total of 36.5 inches… from my neck, bust, waist, gut, thighs, hips, arms, knees, calves, you name it. (And yes, because I know you’re sick jerks, if I was a boy I would measure that too).

My goal when I started working out with John (my trainer) was to be in the 240’s by the time of my half marathon in wine country. 19 days early, I’ve hit that goal. Wonder what I can do in the next 3 weeks?

Today also brings an end to my Pound for Pound Challenge. If you signed up way back when, this is what you owe:

Since January, I’ve lost 24.4 lbs. Since March 11 (official start), I’ve lost 14 lbs. I’m doing the half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. Currently, 1 GBP = $1.51 USD.

  • Heck yes £1 for each pound PLUS £1 for each mile — $40.92 USD for loss since March weight, $56.63 for loss since January
  • Heck yes $1 for each pound PLUS $1 for each mile — $27.10 USD for loss since March, $37.50 for loss since January
  • Heck yes £1 for each pound — $21.14 for loss since March, $36.84 for loss since January

I will be sending you all an e-mail tomorrow. Remember, you agreed to make the donation on my fundraising website by this Sunday, July 4. Click here to donate now. And heck, even if you didn’t take the challenge, it’s not too late. Get in on the fun and pick one of those wacky donation amounts above!

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, including a foot sprain, new responsibilities at work, a troublesome digestive system (TMI) and some other things going on. I’ve had so much on my mind I need to purge, so expect a multitude of blogs in the next week or two.

Weigh in Wednesday: 20lbs!

It’s official.

I’ve lost 20.2 lbs since starting this journey January 6, 2010. Sure, the weight hasn’t come off as quickly as I had hoped, but I’ve kept the weight off, which is a huge accomplishment. I’ve never stuck to a nutrition and exercise plan for this long in my entire life. I’m working out 6 days a week.

I am 20% of the way there to achieving my goal of losing 100 pounds. I hope the next 20 doesn’t take as long as the first, but if it does, I’ll be ok with it. My life has changed for the better.

23 weeks ago, who’d have thought I would be just a month away from completing a half marathon?

And yet, here I am, preparing for my 10-miler on Sunday, and a 12-miler the following week.

Life is good. God is good. I’m so grateful.

I’m Amy and I’m a runner (Hi Amy)

Me: Hello everyone. My name is Amy and I’m a runner.

You: Hi Amy!

Me: It’s been 12 hours since my last run.

You: Wow. That’s awesome.

Me: I don’t know if I can resist the temptation to run anymore.

You: Don’t fight it. Celebrate it.

Me: You got it. Hey world, I’m a freaking runner! Did you hear that? AMY MARIE KANT IS A RUNNER.

You should know that I made it Dailymile official (see Facebook official). I am no longer a “Walker.” I’m a “Runner” and it’s not going back. Ever. Even if I do walk during my training, I know I’m a runner now. No one can take that away from me, unless they cut my legs off.

Manic Monday: Training schedule for May 24-30, 2010

  • Monday: Stretch, Strengthen or Active Recovery – TBD. I have acupuncture at 6:30, which is such a welcome addition to my recovery day.
  • Tuesday: 3.5 mile walk – Do my favorite 5k route through Easttown/downtown MKE OR head to Bayview to walk my friends’ dogs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes crosstrain – Run to gym, weights for 25-30 minutes, then run home.
  • Thursday: 3.5 mile walk/run – Time goal: Sub-16 pace.
  • Friday: Rest day – aka YES!!! And, it’s Iron Cupcake day. Win-Win.
  • Saturday: 40 min crosstrain – Yoga, pilates, biking or weights (TBD).
  • Sunday: 8 miles fast walk – Team Challenge practice day. Hold me.

I am going to try some speedwork this week, per Coach Anne’s suggestion. She thinks it will give my body the extra kick to start LOSING again:

  • How about six minutes brisk, one-minute normal pace, six minutes brisk, one-minute normal pace, six minutes brisk.
  • Hills are also an excellent way to start speedwork. Find a steep hill, work your way up, come back down and do it again six times. Gradually add extra reps until you can complete 10.
  • Try just a 25-minute run or walk with FAST bursts of speed. Look for the next light post or mailbox or city block and move as fast as you can to it. If you are wiped out when you get there you’re doing it right! Take a moment to recover and go all-out again!

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Exercise and Underwear: Decisions, Decisions

If you’re embarrassed by underwear talk, move on to the next blog. We’re talking about ladies underthingies and working out. Gentlemen, take a deep breath.

This is a question I’ve had for awhile, but I didn’t really know how to bring it up.

What is the best underwear to wear when working out?

The few times I’ve worn a pair of cotton underwear to work out, I’ve regretted it. So, I know that those are definitely out (I only have a few anyways, I prefer the good stuff). I’ve already moved beyond cotton socks and am slowly working on my non-cotton workout wardrobe.

But now, I’m at the underthings stage and am not sure where to start. Add my larger size to the mix and it gets complicated. Any larger ladies have this problem?

While some runners love to talk about their running clothes, they become a little more reserved when it comes to undergarments and — as a result — suffer in silence wearing uncomfortable underwear. The “synthetic material/no cotton” rule also applies to underwear. Make sure you wear tight-fitting, non-cotton underwear so any moisture is wicked away and you avoid chafing. Most uncomfortable underwear issues can be avoided by following that rule. Some running shorts do have “built-in” underwear. It is perfectly fine to wear just these shorts — you don’t have to wear another pair of underwear underneath them. Some runners, especially men, prefer to wear spandex under their shorts instead of underwear. Some female runners I know swear by running thongs and claim that they’re extremely comfortable. It’s really a matter of personal preference, so you just have to figure out what works for you. (SOURCE: About.com)

First of all, I don’t wear thongs. I don’t find them comfortable, and let’s be honest… when you get to a certain size thongs just aren’t practical. Why would I willingly let my booty hang out? This baby got back – junk in the trunk – and it just wouldn’t be right to have it go uncontained.

Perhaps I’ll change my mind once I’m at my goal weight, but in my experience over the past 4 months, I have found that the Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate high leg briefs are the most comfortable for working out. They help suck in the gut and keep everything where it’s supposed to be, without riding up my booty. The Body by Victoria seamless bikini briefs and Body by Victoria Hiphuggers aren’t bad either.

What hasn’t worked? My Body by Victoria boyshorts. They will NOT stay put when I’m walking, running or lifting weights. I’ve also had problems with the top bands rolling down.

I’ve looked into some of the “runners underwear” but I’m a little hesitant to spend $20+ on a single pair of underwear I might not like or that might not fit. I’m looking at the following options:

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to post a comment below, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, send me a message using the contact form.

Ok, and because the picture of these has been cracking me up all afternoon, I just have to ask what is up with these? Are they the granny panty of workout gear? I mean, REALLY?

Oh, and don’t get me started on those shorts with the built-in underwear. I don’t get those at all.

Coming soon: Keeping the girls under control when running (aka, How do I keep my boobs from giving me whiplash?)

Help me plan my workouts this week

I need some suggestions on getting the the rest of my training in this week.


  • Mon – active recovery (1mi easy walk, DONE)
  • Tues -3mi walk
  • Wed – 30 min crosstrain
  • Thurs – 3 mi run/walk
  • Fri – rest
  • Sat – 30 min cross train
  • Sun – 70 min fast walk (which I know is really going to be 6mi, so more like 90-100 min fast walk).


  • Sunday’s walk/run won’t be happening because I’ll be in Rockford cheering friends at the half/full marathon. I’m gonna count Sunday as a cross training day, as I’ll be walking all over to cheer my friends at different points of the race. So, do I swap Saturday/Sunday training?
  • I have a group workout planned for Friday, which will be approx. 4.3 miles of walking. Not sure of the pace just yet.
  • Ideally, I need to get approx 12-15 miles of walk/run in, with at least 1 long workout of 6 mi. I’d also like to get at least one 8mi bike ride in this week for crosstraining. And, I’d like to avoid the treadmill/stationary bike if possible.
  • Today is TUESDAY CRUNCH, which means for each $ donated here, I’ll do a crunch. That could potentially be my crosstraining, depending on today’s donations.

So, how should I rearrange my workouts this week to accommodate my schedule? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I really didn’t think I was going that fast

For the past week, I watched the family dogs while everyone was in Minnesota visiting our extended family for my cousin’s confirmation (I had calendar complications i.e. I thought it was next weekend). 

I took the dogs on walks daily, occasionally doing 1-2 block running intervals. Usually, though, I felt “weighed down” by the dogs… like I could have gone faster if they weren’t with me. But, I cherish every minute I have with them (they are my babies).

Yesterday, I took them on a 4 mile walk. Our pace was by far not my best… but not my worst, either. I received the following e-mail from my dad tonight:


I can really tell that YOU have been “walking” the dogs at a much faster pace than me and Mom.  I took the dogs for a walk after supper and as soon as we went through the gate it was off to the races.  Or were they talking me for a walk?


Teehee. I really didn’t think we were walking that fast!

I’ve got the exercise bug

Today was weird.

I was feeling guilty for not working out yesterday (I was ill). So I vowed this morning to make up for it… and boy did I! I took a break around 9:30 this morning and walked 2 miles in 35 minutes. My pace for the half marathon in July has to be 15 min miles, so I’m getting close to that pace at short distances.

After work, I knew I couldn’t just skip working out all together because it’s been too long since I did any type of strength training. So, I walked the half mile or so to the gym, did upper and lower body strength training, plus some crunches and stretching.

It was about dinner time so I walked up to Whole Foods and made a giant salad. What a waste. I ate about half of it. Oh well. It was awesome.

After dinner, I walked back home (about 1.1 mi).

Workout totals for today:

  • Time: 1 hr 55 min
  • Distance: 4.38 mi
  • Weights: intervals: 25/15/10/25 with increasing x5lb for 2nd/3rd intervals then back to first weight for last 25. Leg Press, Hip abductor, Hip Adductor, Leg Curls, Leg extensions, Rowing, Chest press, pulldown and two other upper body machines I can’t remember the name for.

Holy. Crap.

Oh, and just for fun, here are before and after working out shots of me.

In the “before” image, I’m pointing at my cool fleece that has an ipod pocket on the left arm… complete with a hole for the earphones cord!

FitMke: Get into the groove with #fitmkemix

Here’s a li’l taste of my latest post at FitMilwaukee. Head on over to read the entire article.

In case you haven’t noticed, Fit Milwaukee has become a huge movement in Milwaukee (have you seen the Facebook page? We have more than 550 members). Now, #fitmke has its own podcast!

The #fitmkemix is a collection of motivating, energizing (and sometimes relaxing) independent music from across the globe, all put together in a podcast to listen to while you work your bootay off. Think of the podcast as a radio show that you can download to your computer, iPod or other MP3 device.

The host and creator of #fitmkemix, Tracy Apps, is a Milwaukee graphic designer, web developer, photographer, drummer and social media addict who loves music. Apps says she started #fitmkemix to keep herself motivated by working out to good music. “I need a distraction to keep me going on that treadmill or elliptical.”

She is a fan of independent musicians, so Apps thought it seemed like a good fit to have a podcast with upbeat music highlighting lesser-known artists.

Because Apps is a drummer, she likes workout music with a good beat and chooses songs with a faster tempo. “I subconsciously will workout to the beat of a song,” says Apps.

Weigh In Wednesday: Milestone, achieved

First things first. I lost 1.4 pounds in the last week, bringing my total weight loss in 6 weeks to 10.6 pounds. Not too shabby. 🙂 I updated my inspiration board too! I was e-mailing with my mom about this today and she said to me, “Do you realize that you’ve lost 10% of the weight you wanted to lose?”

Holy crap. I totally have.

I’ve also lost 4% of my total body weight in 6 weeks.

10.6 pounds is the equivalent of:

  • 42 sticks of butter
  • 5 liters of soda
  • 7 dozen eggs
  • 3.2 chickens
  • a 6-pack of beer
  • a 12-pack of soda

In case you were wondering… 🙂

Now, on to even BIGGER NEWS!

I started Couch to 5k this week. If you’ve followed my dailymile training, you know I’ve been struggling. Today was different.

I ran y’all. I RAN. I ran 100% of the time I was supposed to. I F*cking RAN. This is HUGE. The last time I did C25K, I averaged my running “speed” at 3.7-4.0. This is walking for y’all, but was jogging for me. Today I ranged between 4.1-4.7!!! It wasn’t until I was in the last running leg that I realized what I had just done.

I started sobbing, while I was running, on the treadmill, at the gym, during peak time. It didn’t matter. I was running. I did a li’l stretching then decided to head home. I got to my car. I started crying. I got home. I walked in the door, told my sis and started sobbing for a good 5min! She gave me a much-needed hug and said she was proud of me. It meant the world to me.

I ran today.

Hells yeah.