Courtney’s struggle with Ulcerative Colitis

You know I’m training for a half marathon. You know I’m raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. But do you know anything about Crohn’s or Colitis?

Meet my new friend, Courtney (second from the right above).  She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006. She is one of my Team Challenge teammates. I asked her to share her story with all of you.

Please take the time to read about Courtney’s journey with colitis. If you are so inclined, please consider donating to the CCFA. You can make a difference, no matter what the size of your donation is.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in August 2006. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. What most concerned me was that my doctor said many people have to learn to make dietary changes, and he mentioned cheese as something some patients had to limit. I was appalled – “You mean even like cheese on tacos?!?” was my reply. I clearly had no clue what I was in for.

I maintained on my medications relatively symptom free until January 2008. Right at the start of spring semester, I went through a very serious flare up that eventually landed me in the hospital. I opted to go to a hospital in Kenosha near my family and the GI doctor I had been seeing. I was in the hospital for 10 days, and left in even worse condition having contracted a C Difficile infection on top of the UC flare. I saw my doctor a few times on an outpatient basis and he insisted I was getting better but it would be a “long road.” He was wrong.

At this point, I was barely able to walk (partially due to abdominal pain and partially due to my enormously swollen feet and ankles from the prednisone). I was taking around 25 different pills a day,
and I had dropped from a healthy 130 to 103 pounds. I had been unable to attend school or work for over a month. My father was getting frustrated and urged me to get a second opinion. He brought me
to Froedtert.

I will never forget the look on the GI doctor’s face when he saw me. He went completely white. I didn’t
see him again because when I came back from my X-Ray I was greeted by the surgical team. It was the
scariest moment of my life. Everyone who has UC knows that surgery is a possibility (and everyone who
has UC also knows this means ostomy, perhaps the scariest word in the English vocabulary to a 23 year
old female). I began to cry.

Little did I know, this doctor who was making me so angry was really just trying to save my life. He told
me I had toxic megacolon, and I needed emergency surgery to remove my colon. However, they needed
to get me hydrated and give me a blood transfusion before they could do the surgery, otherwise they
weren’t sure if I would make it. They scheduled me for the 8am slot the next day. Nobody wanted to
tell me at that point, but I was basically knocking on death’s door – had I waited much longer my colon
would have eventually burst and fatality was a real danger. I found out afterwards that I may have been
in the worst condition anyone there had ever seen.

Surgery for me gave me a new life. Yes, it was a long tough road, but I felt immediately better. Adjusting to life with an ostomy was hard at first (mentally and physically). Because I had been in particularly horrible condition, the construction of my jpouch had to be broken up into three surgeries over a 9 month period. I also tended to be a patient plagued with unexpected complications. Even today, I have to be on maintenance medications to treat recurrent pouchitis which my doctors think may be a by-product of the C Diff infections.

However, the ordeal has made me stronger. I am proud to say that even though the most difficult part of my illness occurred while I was in school I was able to stay on track with my program and graduate with my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology in May 2009. Despite small adjustments you have to make for living with a jpouch and pesky pouchitis flares (which, honestly, you may as well just have ulcerative colitis), I feel like myself again. I still have challenging days here and there, and I never know what the future will bring but, given all I’ve already been through, I do feel like I can handle just about anything. For me, this ½ marathon is extremely personal, and will make me feel like I have finally conquered the disease that kept me down for so long.

What is a j-pouch you ask?

A j-pouch is a surgical procedure that eliminates the need for an ostomy (external pouch) for patients
who’ve had their colon removed due to ulcerative colitis. When the colon is removed, the rectum is also
taken out because it is typically diseased as well. The surgeon then constructs a new “rectum” out of
the patient’s small intestine.

The surgery can be performed in two or three steps, depending on the health of the patient, and a
temporary ileostomy is necessary until the new plumbing is healed enough to operate. After the
operation, “j-pouchers” are able to pass stool through the *ehem*” usual route,” but because they lack
a colon, they have to use the restroom much more frequently than other people. In addition, there are
new dietary restrictions – generally, people with a j-pouch would want to avoid veggies and other high
fiber food as they take longer to digest, and well…. Let’s face it, we just don’t have as long as the rest of
you ;).

If Courtney can train to run a half marathon after all she’s been through, I can run a half marathon, too. Hell, we can ALL help out by giving generously.

Please help me raise $1283 in the next 9 days. Visit to make your tax-deductible donation today. Can you spare $10?

Help me leave the craps in Vegas (and win a prize!)

I’m begging now…

I need your help. As you know, I am training for a half marathon (48 days!!!!) to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

I’m asking for your help, both financially and in spreading the word. I know my e-mails/blogs/tweets/facebook/dailymile messages are out of control, but I’m totally freaking out. I have to raise $2520 and the clock is ticking down.

Currently, we have raised $1,073.39. I have 13 days to raise $1446.61 in order to meet my goal of raising $2520 by the end of October. That means I need to raise an average of $111.28 EACH DAY for the next 13 days.

And remember, if I hit my goal by the end of October, I’m getting blue and orange streaks put in my hair. My stylist already bought the dye, so don’t make me look like a fool.

What’s in it for me?

From now until Oct. 31 at 11:59 p.m., I will do one crunch for EVERY DOLLAR DONATED. Yep, you heard me right. Donate $1 and I’ll do one crunch. Donate $5, and I’ll do 5. Donate $13.1, and I’ll do 13ish. Donate $25 and I’ll do 25. You get the idea (and the answer is YES. If you donate $1446.61 I will do 1446ish crunches. My sister will verify. Hell, if you donate $1446.61, I’ll live stream it).

For every $25 you donate, you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the store/restaurant of your choice.

What’s the big deal with Crohn’s and Colitis?

They’re quite literally shitty diseases.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are collectively known as inflammatory bowel diseases. Crohn’s disease is a chronic (ongoing) disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Although it can involve any area of the GI tract, it most commonly affects the small intestine and/or colon. Ulcerative colitis on the other hand, affects only the colon. The inflammation involves the entire rectum and extends up the colon in a continuous manner. There are no areas of normal intestine between the areas of diseased intestine. In contrast, such so-called “skip” areas may occur in Crohn’s disease. Ulcerative colitis affects only the innermost lining of the colon, whereas Crohn’s disease can affect the entire thickness of the bowel wall.

I have three family members with either one or both of these diseases. When I was 20 years old, I had a colonoscopy because my doctors thought I, too, had Ulcerative Colitis. There is a strong possibility I could be diagnosed with the disease in the next 15 years (most people are diagnosed in their 30s). I already have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and am scared of the possibility of developing this crappy disease. I hope that if I am every diagnosed, there is already acure in place because I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is to live with. And let’s be honest, I don’t want to have a raw ass for the rest of my life because of constant diarrhea.

Ok, I’m in. What should I do?

So, please donate today ( and/or tell your friends to donate. If 145 people each donate $10, I’ll hit my goal! C’mon interwebs, I know you know 145 people with $10 to spare.

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Spirit of the Marathon movie fundraiser

Have you heard the hype surrounding the upcoming Lakefront and Chicago marathons? Here’s your chance to learn more about marathons, while enjoying a movie and helping a group of local runners raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

Team Challenge of Wisconsin presents a special screening of Spirit of the Marathon, “The first film to capture the story, drama and ultimate essence of the legendary 26.2 mile running event. As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.”

What: Spirit of the Marathon movie fundraiser
When: Saturday, October 16th at noon
Where: Times Cinema, 5906 W. Vliet Street in Milwaukee [Google] [mapquest]
Tickets: $20 in advance or $25 at the door (includes movie, soda and popcorn)

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Red sauce 60 minutes pre-run = omg hell

Had another great Team Challenge mid-week group run tonight. For the first quarter mile, Jodi and I stuck with Rochelle, Karla and Kevin… but after 5 minutes, we dropped back (they were going between 10:30-12min pace and that was pushing it for me for extended periods of time).

Jodi and I alternated running a quarter mile and walking a quarter mile for the first mile. Our split was 15:20ish. Unfortunately, this is where things went down hill for me.

You see, today I had time to make another batch of homemade tomato sauce with goodies from my garden. I spent more than 2 hours making the amazing sauce (fresh tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, onion, basil, italian sausage… shall I go on?) and couldn’t resist having some for dinner before the group run.


During the first mile my stomach started gurgling and its contents sloshed about.

By the 1.25 mi mark I told Jodi to go on without me. I wasn’t gonna be able to keep running. I thought I was going to puke.

About mile 1.6 (just about a tenth of a mile from the Lake Park Bistro stairs), I had a different kind of tummy rumble. You know, the I-don’t-have-to-puke-I-have-to -oh-crap-get-to-a-bathroom tummy rumble. I started running and was honestly worried I would either puke or shit my pants. Or both.

I made it that last tenth of a mile. But then I had the stairs. Those were brutal.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted a toilet, damnit.

I got to the top of the stairs and luckily made it to the bathroom.

Aren’t you glad I shared this story?

What’s red and blue and orange?

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the pictures of me with electric blue bangs. That was a clip-on hair piece (obviously fake).

You also know I’m a little crazy.

You probably know that I am determined to help find a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis.

I also have a hard time turning down a good challenge.

If y’all help me reach my goal of raising $2500 by the Team Challenge recommitment date of October 18, I will have permanent streaks of blue and orange dyed in my hair. Think highlights, only blue and orange. I will do this in November, a couple of weeks before the race. That means I’ll have blue and orange hair on Thanksgiving. And, it’ll still be there for Christmas, so you know my mother will be thrilled about that. Let’s also consider that I have red hair. Red hair is going to be hilarious with orange and blue streaks. Think about it.

October 18 is 63 days away. That means I have to raise $36.30 every day between now and then. If 3-4 people donate $10 each day, we’ll get there in no time. The reason why I really want to reach my own fundraising goal by October 18 is so I can spend the rest of the season helping my teammates reach their fundraising goals. As a mentor, I have “mentees,” many who have never done something like this before. I want to make sure each and every one of them gets to Vegas. Last season, I surpassed my goals fundraising-wise and was able to help out some teammates getting closer to their goals.

Can you spare $10, or can you spread the word to all your friends and family? Let’s leave the craps in Vegas!

Click here to donate:


Well, I’m at it again.  I was asked to be a mentor for the next season of Team Challenge and I gladly agreed! (If you want to join the team, there’s still time. Click here for more info).

I start training in just a few weeks for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon December 5. This time around, I only have to raise $2500!

If you could, I would appreciate if you visit my fundraising page ( and consider making a donation of $26.20 or whatever you are able to contribute. If 100 people donate just $25, we’ll hit my goal in no time!

Stay tuned for some awesome Vegas-themed challenges.

Inspired by my friend Sarah, I am issuing a challenge. Donate here if …

  1. You’ve been cursed at, honked at, or flipped off while biking or running. – $1
  2. You lost a toenail because of running. – $2
  3. You spend more money on training gear/clothes than regular clothes. – $3
  4. You stopped making fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar (and cooler) to one.  – $4
  5. You run barefoot or with those five fingers thingys because it feels better. – $5
  6. You’ve ever discovered a hole in your pants during a fitness class. – $6
  7. You’ve had chaffing near your lady (or man) business – $7
  8. When someone tells you their pace, you calculate their 5k/half marathon/marathon time. – $8
  9. You extend the length of your runs so you can have another beer guilt-free. – $9
  10. You have no problem talking about bodily functions with your training buddies. – $10
  11. You’ve come in first in any race you’ve ever competed in. – $20 (screw you)
  12. You’ve seen one of the following during your swim, bike and/or run training:
    a.) Asian Carp – $10
    b.) mountain lion – $15
    c.) bear – $20
    d.) dog – $1
    3.) frog or turtle – $5

Race Report: Starting (and finishing) my first half marathon

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
– John Bingham

It started out like any normal Sunday. Well, any normal Sunday where you get up at 4 a.m. to get ready and catch a bus at 5 a.m. to your first half marathon. You know, the usual. My first half marathon experience was nothing short of amazing. God spoke to me through Freddy Mercury, I never stopped to use the bathroom, I ran about 3 miles, I kept smiling and joking throughout and got to see almost every single teammate along the way. I am so grateful for this experience.

Me and Coach Anne – the cool kids in the back of the bus.

Team Challenge Wisconsin met for one last team cheer before the walkers nervously boarded our fancy bus to Napa. I was a ball of nerves. Yes, I’m smiling in the photos above, but my stomach was in knots. What had I done? Did I really sign up for this? What the hell was I thinking? Who in their right mind – at 249 lbs – would do a half marathon? I mean, really…

Well, I guess I’m that crazy fool.

Shortly after we boarded the bus, Dave, one of my teammates, said to me, “You look nervous.” Duh. Of course I was nervous. I had been dealing with an upset stomach all week leading up to this moment. Continue reading “Race Report: Starting (and finishing) my first half marathon”

Race Report: Twitter me this

Here’s my tweets from July 16-19, 2010. AKA – when Amy went crazy and traveled to California to do a half marathon. Tweets are in reverse chronological order. So, start at the bottom and scroll up.

  • Yay! On my way home. Thanks @avanhizzle for the ride!
    Mon Jul 19 2010 22:23:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Oh: I feel like this is the last episode of the real world
    Mon Jul 19 2010 21:56:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg twitter. I love you
    Mon Jul 19 2010 21:45:34 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH: we can do anything for 56 minutes amy @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:35:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH something about turning things off?
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:34:46 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I’m gonna punch u in the baby maker RT @bananza: I know @amykant’s “I’m gonna OH that” face so well.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:33:58 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • OH: its like an air shower @bananza #teamchallenge #overheardintheairport
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:32:33 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • You know, the usual RT @bananza: Just doing double blind experiments with the power balance bracelet in the airport with strangers.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:27:38 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • YES RT @TheBeerRunner: Haven’t even made it home yet, and I’m already super excited for the next @teamchallengewi race. #teamwisvegas
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:27:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg soooooo true RT @bananza: Traveling with @teamchallengewi is like an all-day party.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:26:23 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • #hellyea RT @Mserita: If u can’t tell by our tweets we’ve been having fun on this long travel day home @bananza @amykant @roclobster
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:25:32 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • It is so friggin muggy in the midwest. I miss nocal #sadtweet @bananza @mserita @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:14:48 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @beepthedog I’m almost home baby!
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:11:49 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to beepthedog
  • I can haz internets
    Mon Jul 19 2010 20:02:53 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Me again RT @bananza: OH: I’m gonna overhear what she said and you can overhear what I said. #thatswhatshesaid @amykant @roclobster @mserita
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:55:08 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • That was awesome RT @RocLobster: OH: Aaand we’ve got Amish. @amykant @bananza @mserita
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:54:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Oh: and then he told me I had to let go of my pants ma’m @bananza
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:49:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Omg chihuahua baby
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:16:52 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ajbombers the chair @mserita @roclobster and I sat in for that picture was made by
    Mon Jul 19 2010 19:06:46 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @jmertz1010 @vasser40 email for info
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:26:25 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to jmertz1010
  • #justdoit RT @TeecycleTim: @sharifrenno @bootyp @vasser40 @roclobster #teamwisvegas2010. Taking over the strip, one mile & 1 beer at a time.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:19:20 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Seriously. And I’m just waiting for the skeeters RT @TeecycleTim: Good Lord, has the Midwest always been this humid?
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:16:47 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @sawaboof oh man! You should go dec 5
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:15:00 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to sawaboof
  • Yes! RT @RocLobster: @krittabug Um, Team challenge in Las Vegas! December. You must do it! Rock n’ Roll half @amykant @bananza @mserita
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:12:15 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • So how many of you will join @teamchallengewi for vegas in december???? #fitmke
    Mon Jul 19 2010 18:10:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Mmmmmm tequila! (@ Tequileria at KCI Terminal B)
    Mon Jul 19 2010 17:58:17 (CDT) via foursquare
  • OH: its almost like today never happened #fb
    Mon Jul 19 2010 17:39:49 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • We have been traveling since 7am
    Mon Jul 19 2010 17:39:06 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @steveegg I know. 3 friggin hrs
    Mon Jul 19 2010 17:35:58 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to steveegg
  • 3hr layover (@ Kansas City International Airport – MCI)
    Mon Jul 19 2010 17:34:16 (CDT) via foursquare
  • Feels lonely sitting in a different row from @bananza @mserita @roclobster 🙁
    Mon Jul 19 2010 14:42:04 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Enjoying the post race party with my girls @mserita @roclobster
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  • Surprise surprise @mserita is tweeting
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  • @CandidCarrie @AJBombers well u can financially back me for vegas!!!
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  • @dawnk777 @CandidCarrie thank you sooo much
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  • OH: @mserita has been lubing me up. @roclobster #moseybait
    Mon Jul 19 2010 10:27:54 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Post race injury report: foot-omg. Calves-lil stiff. Hips-stiff and sore. Voice: I sound like lauren bacall with a cold.
    Mon Jul 19 2010 09:55:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @Mserita Friendship bracelets! @RocLobster @amykant @bananza #Napa #TeamChallenge
    Mon Jul 19 2010 09:13:26 (CDT) via Echofon
  • Still alive
    Mon Jul 19 2010 08:59:56 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Leaving the hotel 🙁 bye bye wine country
    Mon Jul 19 2010 08:55:19 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Becky thinks she found a tick. I killed it. Time to google img search ticks
    Sun Jul 18 2010 23:51:02 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @TeecycleTim Thanks for all the well-wishes today! @teamchallengewi rocked Napa to Sonoma. Here’s the race report:
    Sun Jul 18 2010 23:46:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @bananza thanks anne. Time to medicate
    Sun Jul 18 2010 23:40:25 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • Foot didn’t hurt til mile 9.5. Now it hurts a ton. Ugh #fb
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  • OMG I did it
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  • Thank you all for the comments. You are all amazing. #lovefest #fb
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  • RT @tmgessner Check out @amykant finishing her first half marathon with her entourage! #teamchallenge
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  • Post race ice #fb
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  • Omg I did it #fb
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    Sun Jul 18 2010 11:36:09 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Well the 10mi warmuup is done. Time to own this 5k bitches #napaorbust #fb
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  • RT @tmgessner: Motivation for @amykant: yea 🙂
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  • RT @bananza Go @amykant!!! At mile 8!
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  • Love it 9.5 #fb
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  • 9 mi #fbq
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  • 8 #fb
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  • Halfway there #fb
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  • 4.35 down #fb
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  • Omg #lovefest yall
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  • Only 10 more miles #fb
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  • Almost to mile 3 #fb
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  • Doing this for aunt janice uncle will and grandma irene #fb
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  • Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Omg its race day #napaorbust @teamchallengewi #fb
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  • Dave: you look nervous. Me: stfu
    Sun Jul 18 2010 07:33:36 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @Mserita omg I love you #lovefest
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  • Oh: if you get ridiculously thirsty then reevaluate
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  • @jenlada @msruntheus woohoo! Have fun!
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  • <3 RT @bananza: OH on the bus: “I can put two in the back and one in the front” #moseybait
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  • On the bus en route to the race. #napaorbust #fb
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  • @fromfat2fit2010 thank you lady!
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  • I am doing a half marathon. Tomorrow. Omg. Also: my foot doesn’t hurt! Squeee #fb
    Sun Jul 18 2010 00:18:13 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @RocLobster Getting ready for bed. Race tomorrow. Do yourself a favor & sign up for #TeamChallenge as soon as you can. This is amazing. #napa
    Sun Jul 18 2010 00:06:05 (CDT) via Twitter for iPhone
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  • @KatieFelten you are too kind. Related: wore a swimsuit for the first time in 4 years this weekend. #squeeeeee
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  • @EstablishmentWI @mserita @runcarlyrun @roclobster mine is already charged
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:36:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to EstablishmentWI
  • @Sp0on I blame jim. Just ask @mserita @roclobster he’s a bad influence
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:36:10 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to Sp0on
  • Um it prolly wasn’t a good idea to drink 4 margaritas the day before my first half marathon #oops #fb
    Sat Jul 17 2010 19:19:52 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Ummmm
    Sat Jul 17 2010 16:06:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I have pool chairs for @mserita @roclobster @bananza. Get your asses to the pool
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:26:00 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @bananza @RocLobster @mserita its room service onlt to the pool
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:21:44 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @bananza @RocLobster @mserita yay! You can order food AT the pool!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 15:07:56 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • My race bib! #isthisreallife
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:51:01 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @bananza lol it wasn’t worth the money for me
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:47:11 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @bananza why are you offroading? To see the sites? Related: I miss you.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:16:06 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • Heading back to the hotel!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 14:13:41 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ChristyFphoto that’s where the race starts!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:48:55 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ChristyFphoto
  • Race day expo (@ Cornerstone Sonoma)
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:45:31 (CDT) via foursquare
  • On the way to the race expo!
    Sat Jul 17 2010 12:10:53 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Lookin good @establishmentwi
    Sat Jul 17 2010 11:29:36 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @Mserita @establishmentwi oops
    Sat Jul 17 2010 11:26:59 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to Mserita
  • @AgustinSantiago its like a pine tree palm tree hybrid
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:58:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to AgustinSantiago
  • @ChristyFphoto its so beautiful here. Went to flavor in downtown santa rosa last night
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:55:39 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ChristyFphoto
  • @ToddBrink @bananza thanks all my lips are much better
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:54:58 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • Lookin good @establishmentwi
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:51:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Its not quite ‘a room with a view’ but ill take it
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:50:26 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • Oh: we’re not sending these to playboy guys.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 10:44:31 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @ToddBrink we aren’t sharing room 🙁 she’s with @runrunsally.
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:43:50 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • @bananza missed you too! But I guess today ill listen to #jth. Tomorrow? Perhaps 😉
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:43:08 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to bananza
  • @ToddBrink @bananza is at a staff meeting 🙁
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:42:18 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to ToddBrink
  • Maybe I should find a cute boy with chapstick. Then I can you know “borrow” some. #willkissforchapstick #desperate
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:41:51 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • also: I would pay $10 for chapstick right now. #leftmychapstickinwisconsin
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:40:40 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • I need chapstick. Preferably with spf
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:38:28 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • @DigidivaIsh @RocLobster hilton wine country in santa rosa
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:23:37 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android in reply to DigidivaIsh
  • Did a elliptical workout 1.47 miles in 20 mins and felt good. Quick lil pre-race jaunt on hotel elliptical while the…
    Sat Jul 17 2010 09:11:04 (CDT) via dailymile
  • It wasn’t a dream. I really am here in cali! #squeee
    Sat Jul 17 2010 08:05:34 (CDT) via Seesmic for Android
  • RT @bananza RT @RocLobster: Thanks to all for the good wishes! We’ll make MKE proud:) #TeamChallengeWI #napa
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:25:06 (CDT) via Twee in reply to RocLobster
  • @avanhizzle did you know the full house house in san fran is for sale
    Fri Jul 16 2010 21:34:13 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • RT @Mserita Hi @amykant!
    Fri Jul 16 2010 18:58:35 (CDT) via Echofon from Santa Rosa, CA
  • My view. Jealous?
    Fri Jul 16 2010 19:04:45 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • California dreamin’
    Fri Jul 16 2010 16:46:23 (CDT) via mobile web
  • @SandyShores thanks jane! 🙂
    Fri Jul 16 2010 16:16:52 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to SandyShores
  • @mjburian @RocLobster @tmgessner ill bring some munchies
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:32:06 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to mjburian
  • I’m at Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge, US 101, San Francisco) w/ 5 others.
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:31:26 (CDT) via foursquare
  • Golden gate bridge
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:30:28 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @mjburian @RocLobster @tmgessner @sandyshores who thinks marty should hve a weeds party?
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:08:00 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to mjburian
  • Guess where I am?
    Fri Jul 16 2010 15:07:10 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @tmgessner lol actually I think there is an agrestic. @sandyshores
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:49:05 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • @tmgessner isn’t that socal?? Btw we are not far behind you
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:45:59 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • Eek! We are going to go across the golden gate bridge! #fb
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:43:12 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @beepthedog you’re gonna play with gizmo and bandit today. You’ll have fun
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:22:53 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to beepthedog
  • California baby. Squeeeee. @establishmentwi just pulled the first jackass comment “shotgun!!” There’s no shotgun on the bus silly
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:14:36 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • Omg trainwreck behind @mserita @roclobster
    Fri Jul 16 2010 14:02:55 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • SQUEEEEEE @tmgessner @roclobster @mserita @bananza @teamchallengewi
    Fri Jul 16 2010 13:42:05 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to tmgessner
  • California baby!! (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 79 others)
    Fri Jul 16 2010 13:39:59 (CDT) via foursquare
  • In vegas. Hoping I have time to play a slot machine before boarding for san fran
    Fri Jul 16 2010 11:13:20 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • @fromfat2fit2010 thanks lady! Soooo excited
    Fri Jul 16 2010 11:12:08 (CDT) via Seesmic in reply to fromfat2fit2010
  • In case you were wondering flying is much more comfy when you’ve lost 26lbs and 36 in #fitmke #fb
  • Fri Jul 16 2010 11:10:07 (CDT) via Seesmic
  • I’m at General Mitchell Int’l Airport (MKE) w/ @mserita @lynncalicchio.
    7:00 AM Jul 16th via foursquare
  • Um we are having problems getting to the airport.
    5:48 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic
  • @bananza oh nos!
    4:59 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic in reply to bananza
  • @plural where are y’all staying this weekend?
    4:31 AM Jul 16th via Seesmic in reply to plural
  • You should know I got maybe 2 hrs of sleep. So yeah. Hahahah #gameon #napaorbust