Just another day at the gym… oh wait, crap!

No, this post isn’t a continuation of my last one… Ever have one of those days where things didn’t really go the way you had planned? Well, today after work I got home, changed and headed off to the gym. Once I got there, I sat down on a bench to change shoes. These are the shoes I found in my bag:

Yep, I did manage to grab a right and a left shoe… but just not a matching pair. There’s no way in hell I was going to wear the right one to work out. Those shoes are old and rarely worn. I also forgot to wrap my knee (affectionately known as righty). So I packed my stuff back up, put my coat on and headed home. I got the correct right shoe, wrapped up righty and went back to the gym.

All day I looked forward to working out, but I guess this shoe thing should have been an omen that it wasn’t going to happen today. I biked for about 20 min (4.28 miles), and then decided I would try my day #2 of Couch to 5k training. I made it 8 minutes and righty just wouldn’t behave, so I got off the treadmill. I didn’t want to leave the gym after less than a half hour, so I went to the weight machines and did a few sets of reps to strengthen the muscles around my knee. I got super bored and gave up. At least I still worked out though, right?

I can’t be the only one…

I ask this question in all sincerity.

Do y’all fart when you’re working out? For some reason, when I’m working out, gas seems to work itself out of my body. I’m completely serious people. I beg you to be honest if you post a comment. And don’t give me any of that “I’m a woman and I never fart” bullcrap. We all fart. It’s nature. Also, farts are funny. I am a 27-year-old woman, but I still think farts are hilarious. I giggle like a kid, no lie.

For some reason, whenever I’m doing cardio (walking, jogging, elliptical, whatever), I can’t help but fart. They’re not very smelly farts. They’re not noisy farts. They’re regular farts. A one-gun salute. The trouser cough. A bottom burp.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one:

  • When you are running, you are using your efforts toward the running process, and, in addition to that, your digestion is being “helped along” by the exercise, so any gas in your system is moving along with great speed. It would be more difficult to suppress gas while running, as you can guess. (yahoo)
  • “Running makes me fart.” (Runner’s World)
  • “To tell you the truth…every run I fart.”  (Runner’s World)
  • “When I’m alone I don’t even try to hold it in.  Sometimes a little fart escapes on every 5 or 6 straight strides.” (Runner’s World)
  • “Farting while running is the best time to fart because you’ll never smell it (unless you’re on a treadmill or running with a strong tailwind).” (Runner’s World)
  • “You mean there are people that don’t fart when they run?  Or just don’t admit it?” (BeginnerTriathlete)
  • “I get the running farts a lot, but it seems to be the worst if I run at the gym on the treadmill.” (BeginnerTriathlete)
  • “I get the farts really bad whenever I run.” (BeginnerTriathlete)

I did some Internet research (yes, I spent almost an hour googling fart, fart machine, fart euphemisms, etc) and here are some fart facts:

  • It’s normal to fart 12 – 40 times per day, emitting between 0.5 and two liters of gas. You should only worry if you fart significantly more than this.
  • Farts contain gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen sulphide. These gases are produced by bacteria that live in the digestive system and break down food into nutrients that the body can absorb.
  • There’s a company that makes special underwear, designed to reduce the smell of farts. NO JOKE. THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT.
  • Source: Uncensored English Vocabulary, Wikipedia

I’m not one to hold in a fart. That’s just an embarrassing moment waiting to happen. Now, I know that holding in a fart could be dangerous, “It’s tempting to hold in your farts to avoid embarrassment in social settings. But if you hold your farts in for too long, the gas can be absorbed in the blood stream and then exhaled as a bad breath” (Uncensored English Vocabulary).

So there you have it. I fart when I work out. Do you?

Fundraiser: Stone Creek Coffee

Hey everyone! I’ve teamed up with Stone Creek Coffee, a Milwaukee company, to sell coffee and raise money for Team Challenge and the half marathon I plan to run/walk in July. I am selling the Custom Blend (that will have a special label on it, created by me!), French Roast, Hazelnut, Organic Fair Trade, Cream City Blend (regular and decaf) along with Hot Chocolate.

$5 from each pound of coffee and $3 from each tin of hot chocolate will go directly toward my goal of raising $3800 for Crohn’s and Colitis Research.

I am running this fundraiser through March 7. If you’d like to place an order, click here or send me an e-mail (me-at-losingitwithoutlosingme.com). If you live in the Milwaukee area, I will personally deliver the coffee to you! If you’re not in the Milwaukee area, contact me to work something out.

A test in self restraint

Today, a tasty cupcake sat on my desk for more than 3 hours before I ate it.

The fact that I was able to see it there, taunting me, for more than 3 hours without eating it is a huge accomplishment.

As you can see, it was a yellow cupcake with marshmallow fluff topping dipped in chocolate, topped off by a conversation heart.

I wanted to see how long I could go without eating the cupcake. So I took pictures and tweeted this morning. My goal was not to resist the cupcake forever… it was to see how long I could resist it. You see, normally I would have eaten something like this in less than 5 bites and I wouldn’t have savored every bite. I wanted to teach myself that just because something is in front of you, doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

  • #1: 9:15am Look at that beauty.
  • #2: 10:15ish I pushed in the heart candy so it wouldn’t look so appetizing.
  • #3: 11:15ish I bumped it (by total accident) and had to lick part of the fluff off my finger. darn.
  • #4: 12:00ish I ate the candy heart and squished that fluff so it would look gross.
  • #5: 12:20ish I licked one side of it.
  • #6: 12:40ish I couldn’t help myself, I licked the fluff and chocolate off the top of the cupcake. And then something magical happened. I didn’t feel like finishing it. So I threw the bottom part away.

Sure the marshmallow fluff wasn’t super healthy, but I don’t want to keep myself from eating the foods I enjoy, but just less of them. Sure, I ate the candy heart, the fluff and the chocolate, but I didn’t eat the cake.

Baby steps.

Weigh In Wednesday: Good News and Bad News

First, the good news:

  • I lost 0.6 pounds this week! Considering what I ate this week and that I didn’t work out very much, I am SOOOO happy to have lost and not gained. I would have been happy to stay the same! Current weight: 265 with a total of 9.2 pounds lost in 5 weeks!
  • I signed up to do a half-marathon. Today I decided I want to run as much of it as possible. And no, I am not currently a runner, nor have I EVER been a runner. The most I’ve run since I was 12 was the mile they required us to run in high school gym class for the “fitness” test. And I walked most of that.
  • I have created a tentative training schedule for the next 23 weeks. the first 9 are the Couch to 5k program… followed by a half marathon walking training schedule for the following 14 weeks. Once I begin training with Team Challenge, I am going to adjust the last 16 weeks of this schedule accordingly… especially since I’m going to run as much of it as possible.
  • When you lose weight (and inches), your clothes get big and fall off.

The bad news:

  • When you lose weight (and inches), your clothes get big and fall off.

I’ve lost 0.6 pounds in the last week and lost 9.2 pounds in 5 weeks. Want previous stats? Click here.

I’m losing it for a good cause

When I first began this journey, I decided that my first big challenge would be running a 5k in 2010. I decided my first race would be the Storm the Bastille in July here in Milwaukee. Then, my friend Anne told me about her new job, coaching for Team Challenge. Color me intrigued.

Three weeks into my journey to get healthy, I pushed myself to walk for 2 hours and 5.6 miles on a treadmill, without any training. If I could do that after just weeks of exercise, surely I could run a 5k this year, right?

Well, I did some research about Team Challenge and talked with Anne more about the program. I realized that Team Challenge raises money for Crohn’s and Colitis research. My grandmother battled ulcerative colitis for more than two decades. My godmother has suffered from colitis for as long as I can remember. My uncle has battled both diseases for years.

What’s that saying, “Go big or go home?” Well, I’m going big.

Today I made it official. I’m doing a half-marathon in 160 days. I’m planning to walk it, but if my training goes as I hope it will, I will be running and walking the Wine Country Half Marathon from Napa to Sonoma July 18, 2010.

I will be blogging about my training here at Losing it, as well as documenting all my exercising at DailyMile.

Now, there is a catch with this training program (did I mention Anne will be my COACH?). I have to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis research. My goal is to raise $3800 by July 1, 2010. If you are so inclined, I would be honored to have you be a sponsor! You can learn more by clicking on this link or the image below.

Fit Milwaukee: Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Thin

Anne and Tracey (the fabulous ladies who run FitMilwaukee.com) asked me to join the team as a guest blogger! I was so incredibly honored they asked me to contribute. My blogs at Fit Milwaukee will likely focus on my journey to becoming “fit” and stepping out of my comfort zone. I may also discuss how my thyroid condition affects my journey.

My first post was published this morning, so you should go check it out! Stay tuned for more posts from me.

Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Thin

This year I committed to living a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t been “fit” by conventional means for years. I’m fat. I weigh 265 pounds. I have health problems beyond belief. But I refuse to bow to the easy way out. I’m not giving up anymore. I’m taking charge of my life. I am FIT – Fabulous In Training. To me, being fit is more than just your outward appearance. It’s your actions. It’s taking charge.

If you’re overweight like me, you shouldn’t be afraid of exercising or eating better. We’re all going to slip and fall… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick yourself back up. Just stepping out of your comfort zone will get you on your way to being fit.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Today at yoga, Alicia (the instructor) said to us before a difficult series of movements, “If you’ve never fallen on your face you haven’t tried hard enough.

This quote really resonated with me. Sometimes when I’ve done physical things in public lately, I’ve felt a little out of place. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard when you’re in a room with 25 other people and you’re obviously the biggest person there. A few months ago, you would have never seen me doing the downward facing dog in public.

Yoga can be very intimidating. When I started up yoga 2 weeks ago, I began with a “Yoga for Dummies” DVD I borrowed from the library. I couldn’t do the downward facing dog or the tree pose. Now, I can do downward facing dog… but I can’t quite get my heels flat on the floor just yet. Each time I do yoga, it gets easier and easier for me to do the poses. I am really enjoying the warrior poses and sun salutations.

I’ll be honest – there are some movements/series that are very difficult for me because of my extra bulk. So I am not advanced into those movements, but I’m still trying. In the sun salutations series, I can’t easily go from plank to lunge or fold because my legs won’t move like that. But I’m ok with it. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel great. Yoga is doing wonders for my body and my soul. My physical therapist (who I’m seeing for headaches/neck and back pain) said that yoga is a great exercise for me right now. Some day, I want to try Bikram (hot yoga). I’m not ready for that just yet, but I would like to take yoga classes on a regular basis.

I know a lot of people find yoga intimidating, but what I’ve realized now is that no one else in the room is staring at you or judging you. Yoga is a very personal practice. If someone is focusing on you they obviously aren’t going to get as much out of the experience as you will. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do all the poses, you will still get an amazing workout! If I can do yoga, anyone can.

A walk down skinny lane… and fatty place

First, we begin with some cuteness overload.

That’s me and my first dog Sammy, circa 1985. Wasn’t I a cute li’l kid?

Moving on… I was looking through some old photos from high school that had been posted on Facebook and couldn’t help but think, wow, that was ME.

In the Photo #1 below, I was probably about 130-140. I think this was freshman or sophomore year of high school. I was thin, but not real thin. I’ve never been “that” girl. My friends were always smaller than me and I felt self-conscious all the time. I thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t as thin as the others.

The next three photos are from my senior year of high school. Photo #2 was my costume for the play and looking at this photo now, I yearn to be that size again. But in 2000, I hated that I was a 12/13 and the other girls were 2s, 4s, 6s, 8s, whatever. It didn’t matter that I was at a good weight for my height (I probably could have lost a few pounds, but still, I looked GOOD). I just didn’t think I looked good. I’m guessing that in these three photos, I weighed in the 165-180 range, but if you asked me, I would have said 145 or 150.

Photo #3 was my show choir dress senior year. Yes, show choir like GLEE. I was that girl. 🙂 But I was also one of the biggest girls in the choir. Sure, I had the biggest boobs too, but that didn’t matter. I was always the biggest. I was never paired up for songs where the guys had to lift up a girl. See me standing on that box? I was a “wallflower.” Not good enough to be in the front. I sometimes thought this was because of my size.

Photo #4 is when I had a huge solo as Dorothy at our spring concert. Again, I was bigger than some of the other girls and suspected that the only reason I was chosen as Dorothy was because of my long dark hair. I struggled with self esteem issues back then, even when I was absolutely beautiful. I mean, look at these photos. I was a healthy, young girl. But I thought I was fat because I wasn’t the same size as everyone else. I wasn’t fat by any means.

As I change my life… I look back at this time with shame. I also wonder, if I thought I was so fat back then, what would the 17-year-old Amy say of me now? She’d probably die of heartache.

Sidenote: how did this girl not have a serious boyfriend in high school? I mean, really. WTH. More on my love life in a future post.

As I got older and drowned my sorrows in food, I started to learn some fat girl tricks. Fat girls, you know what I’m talking about. When someone wants to take your picture, you find a way to block the fat – by whatever means possible. It could be a table, bag, book, scarf or even your friends. I don’t know why I thought these little tricks would work. People know you’re fat. You can’t hide it… so why do we try? The worst part about all of these photos? I probably weighed 210-240 in them. That’s more than 25 pounds LESS than I weigh now. I would die to wear those “fat” jeans again. A size 16 or whatever they are would be a dream come true right now.

So, there you have it… the good… the bad… and the ugly. I kid, a li’l bit anyways. I don’t think I’m ugly. I do think I’m pretty (or at least I have some good features). Gosh, if I was both fat AND ugly, there’d really be no reason to change anything. Ok, I’m not really that shallow, but you know what I mean. Looking back and seeing what I was… and looking and seeing what I’ve become is a huge wakeup call. I don’t want to let the 1998 Amy down. She never thought that she would gain more than 100 pounds in 12 years. She had bigger dreams for herself.  It’s time to make those come true.

A not so restful night’s sleep

Tuesday night I was forced to had the pleasure of bringing home an apnea link device to wear while sleeping. As you can tell, I was not happy about this:

The whole contraption was awkward. I had a pulsox thingamabob on my finger and then the stupid nasal prongs digging into my nose. Tuesday was NOT a good night. I hardly slept at all because I had the apnealink device strapped to my chest… plus the chords… just not cool AT all. Supposedly I’ll hear in the next week or two if I need to do a sleep study or not. I can’t wait. Ugh. :/ Here’s a li’l video I took Tuesday night after I had the device all set up.

By the way, I know you’re all jealous of how beautiful I look in the above photo and the video below. Gentlemen, eat your hearts out.